Contact made with Mike Golden!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wildcard.rgbw, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. I managed to get a little out of a casual chat with Mike Golden on MSN but than he blocked me off, just I feel blessed to have even talked to the chump!

    Can happily confirm his e-mail and MSN are still in use

    Just some few words of wisdom from him...

    got pretty smashed at arnhem
    Mike says:
    i couldnt careless about the army hahahaha he pays shit and yea ok to see the world but for a good life and money with lots of treats the army aint good!!! plus im happy with me house wife to be and child so fuk what some twat on a website wright which is 5 years old now
    WiLdCaRd - - evil, is good! said (23:40):
    you ******* ARSSE legend ****** we'll never stop ******* you around
    ******* pussy discharged after 10 weeks lol
  2. Hahahah
  3. Hurray, the legend that is! Has he still got the tatt?
  4. Someone PLEASE confirm if THIS is the legend himself... albeit a few years older... with hair... these are recent

    Attached Files:

  5. Doesn't look anything like him based on the old photos. Maybe he has had a face job so he isn't recognised by THEM.

    Can't believe this loser is still on the go!

  6. Thats from a Mike Golden on facebook from the London Network, I can see a slight resemblence... eyes, facial structure... maybe he has seen the light and moved on... but ARRSE promised we wouldn't stop making his life hell... :)
  7. Whats the story behind Mike Golden then?
  8. In fact, on closer inspection I have to confirm that this is not Golden, not a sight of Burberry and this dude is wearing a shirt, something I doubt Golden would own.

  9. Damn... I thought I had him... oh well, at least the MSN and e-mail is still in use!
  10. Nah - he is the real one, the wiki one I meant, bloody thing isn't playing.....
  11. You should have asked to see photo evidence of the tat and his shrine to all things maroon.
  12. Snailo - my last was in respect of the pic posted on this thread not the Wiki. Oh love you must be poorly - you have lost the plot proper. :wink:

  13. Mate, I couldn't get the photo up!!!!


    Got there eventually!
  14. You couldn't get it up slim? not like you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.