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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by polar69, Jul 6, 2009.

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  1. I am a long time spectacle wearer with quite a high prescritoin lense. In the past when I was a young carefree shagger I had soft contact lenses that I took out every night and cleaned just like false teef. they weren't disposable and lasted until one took a trip down the plughole.

    I'm looking at lenses now and have been told that with my prescription I will need toric lenses. What I need to know is do the monthly disposables vanish after a month or can they be used for longer, and what about daily ones, are they made of different material ?

    Any pointers and good deals appreciated, I do a lot of running and underwater ninja knife fighting so it would be nice to lse my specs. So to speak.
  2. I've got geggs with a prescription so strong I can see the future. I use monthly toric contact lenses from specsavers, £15 quid a month and can't fault them. I don't change them religiously every 30 days working off the 'When I lose one I'll change them' theory which has given me no problems thus far and has the added bonus of me being able to construct a set of shelves out of the as yet unopened packs which drop through the letterbox every 3 months. Also I think specsavers are doing a 50% off designer frames if you sign up to the contact lens deal which is a winner.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Why thank you kindly but abrupt sir.
  4. Are you looking for extended wear monthly contacts (i.e. you can wear them for a month without taking them out every night)?

    Disposable contact lenses will all last longer than their period of use, however there is a good reason they call them 'dailies' and 'monthlies'. Monthly contacts are designed to be more robust and, in most cases, more breathable for the eye. While every optician will tell you throw them out after a month, you can get away with a couple days more if you can't change them. Dailies are only designed to last a day, so you won't be able to get away with wearing them for much more than a day. Their quality deteriorates and crap builds up on them, but no, they won't 'disappear' or something after a day, etc.

    From my own close shaves with contact lenses, the best advice I can give is: don't f**k with them. If they are dailies, only wear them for a day. If they are monthlies, throw them out after a month. If they say you can sleep with them on, only do it sparingly.
  5. I've got Torics - get yourseld down to Vision Express. I pay a reasonable monthly Direct Debit and that covers check ups, the lenses, all fluids, insurance (i.e. they'll replace them when I break them) and they nock a couple of quid off new glasses, too.

    I moved from Boots pre-contacts and I really can't fault them.

    I wear 2 weekly dailies (They last for 15 days or [x] hours of use, whichever comes first). You can, however, only wear them for up to 12 hours a day. I was given the scientific explanation but it's all to do with how much Oxygen they let into the eye so it's pretty bad to wear them for longer. You can't sleep with them, either.
  6. If you wear contacts for extended periods on a regular basis then the oxygen depletion will cause the eye's capillaries to overgrow and they may end up intruding into the field of vision. contact lens technology is improving all the time and lens are becoming easier and easier to wear and for longer periods. My first pair of lens had to be boiled nightly, I now have lens I can wear for 14 days without discomfort.
  7. I've worn dailies for a while now and get on fine with them, using a t'internet supplier that delivers them to my doorstep for about a third of the price cheaper than my optician.

    Do folks on ex tend to prefer the monthlies as opposed to the dailies? Just thinking about reaction time if you're kipping and need your eyes to be bang on straight away.
  8. I'm not in (yet) but i'm under the impression that contacts are a no go on exercise (and definitely deployment) due to dust and dirt etc getting stuck between the lense and the eye and not being able to sort it. Or, indeed, just having one come out. Am I misinformed?
  9. I wore mine all through Granby without a problem. I had specs with me as a back up.
  10. It depends on your job and your location. I revert to specs on exercise and ops because I can't guarantee cleanliness. I met people on TELIC who were wearing lenses but I think the dust would have ruined my eyes had I been wearing lenses. My specs were sand-blasted so badly that I threw them away after 6 months in-theatre.

    You might also find that exposure to CS gas will cause you problems; if using the gas chamber, I pop out my lenses.