Contact lenses in basic and on tour..

Apologise if this is the wrong area but I'm in the recruiting stage so seemed appropriate.
I have contact lenses (monthly's) and am a bit unsure and can't find any topics on this so my question is whats the process for contacts lenses in training...
Am I aloud to wear them on a daily basis on basic?.
And second is when or if I go on tour will I have to get them sent to me or get 6 months worth to take with me?.
Some insight on this would be appreciated
Many thanks!

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Of course you can wear them in training. I'd probably take a 6 month supply with me on a tour.

Be prepared to lose the odd lens, though, and I always had a pair of glasses as a back-up, in case of loss, dust or 24 hour working.
I can't answer for basic but I've used lenses on tour, took a good supply with me and had someone at home ready to send the others out if needed. Just a bit of common sense really.
There can be hygiene problems on tours so daily disposables are probably best. If you supply your unit with your prescription you'll get prescription lenses to clip into the issue glasses and goggles.
I swear glasses what would be better contacts or glasses? dislike poking my self in the eye everyday but if i have to
contacts used to be barred during basic - be prepared to wear the issue sex offender specs. There were a variety of reasons for this.
with glasses recruits were only supposed to wear the issue ones as they were a proven standard ('elf and safety innit) and of a uniform appearance. What usually happened was the instructors would allow non issue ones provided there were of a somber style and colour, except on the ranges when it was back to the issue ones.
Daily disposables are the way to go. Very soft jelly like things, so despite me being very, very wary of contacts as a whole, after much prodding from Mrs B. tried them out.

No problems from day one. Once you have the necessary from an Optician, Costco is your friend

Contact Lenses
wore soft contacts for many years - "extended wear" initially but daily's are the way to go. I found that for range qualification it was better to revert back to specs - used them in jungles and desert and never had infections etc.
One blew out in freefall once and got stuck inside my ulmer goggles - had to manage with one good eye for a few days till the eplacement came through! So yeah, I'd advise daily's.
Boxy said:
At some stage during basic you will need to wear glasses, CBRN for example where you'll be exposed to CS..... A crystalline powder, which is an irritant...imagine getting that behind your lenses!
I only wear one contact lens due to my prescription and found that I never had a problem with CS in the eye wearing a lens, of course it stung like buggery on the other eye!

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