Contact lenses and/or glasses at RMAS or laser-eye surgery beforehand

Greetings all,

I'm currently at university with a place at RMAS for afterwards. I'm slightly short sighted so wear corrective contact lenses and very, very occasionally glasses (far prefer contacts being a sporty chap!).

May sound like a silly question but whats the crack when you're at RMAS? Are you obliged to wear glasses or can you wear contact lenses? Surely fiddling around with contact lenses while on exercise must be a nightmare, especially as I'm intending to be an infantry officer (PWWR sponsorship)!

Third option is that, as I'm going to take a masters, I could have laser-eye surgery and still allow for the 12 months period before attending that is outlined in the medical forms. Any thoughts on this? I have a few friends who've had it (not for the same reasons) and have said it is fantastic - better than 20/20 vision and zero hassle.

Advice from anyone with prior experience would be much appreciated!

Went (a long time ago, early 90's) wearing gigs. There were those that wore lenses, but time is at a premium and especially during the first term exercises you may do yourself a favour sticking to glasses (with a spare pair of NHS nasties for exercise gimpiness).
I then got lasered between Ops and Staff College - didn't tell anyone less my mate the RMO who told me to keep quiet. After Ops in a turret and running around sweaty sandy places shooting at stuff, I thought not having to worry about misting up was quite important.

Lasering was great (the result not the process), although I do get some starring at night. That said I don't think it is a major issue when compared to the occasional reflections/ smears/ rain on glasses at night.

In terms of RMAS - I don't know the current rules viz laser surgery, but if you can get it done before you go legally, I would (you will find it hard to find time later in your career unless you cheat like me). You need to get best use out of your new eyes before short sightedness catches up with you, because there is no stopping that.
Had mine done 8 years ago, wish it had been available when I were a lad as it's the best investment I've ever made. A couple of days of lying in a dark room and a week or so of wearing sunglasses when outside.

It will bring on the need to use reading glasses earlier in life than normal. I'm fiftyish and just started usin them now when reading small print books in low light.

Can't comment of the Mil rules etc as I'm civscum.
Superb, thank you for the replies and apologies for not using the search function - I'm new to this whole forum thing if that's an excuse!

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