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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by straggler, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've just started to use contact lenses for the first time. I'm still a bit cack-handed with them and it takes me about 20 minutes to get the sods in. I'm using daily disposables which, funnily enough, I chuck away at the end of each day.

    My question is - as it takes me so long to get the lenses in I'm wondering whether it's possible to bend the rules and leave the lenses in overnight? I'm thinking particularly of being on exercise and not having the benefit of 20 minutes and a bathroom mirror to hand.

    Has anyone got any experience of doing this?


  2. Rather than keeping your daily disposables in, get yourself some day and night lenses. You can leave those in for up to 4 weeks at a go. I used them for about 3 years right up to the point where the buggers ulcerated my cornea and I went back to taking them out every night. I think as long as you're sensible and don't keep them in pretty much permanently, then you shouldn't do any damage (according to my optician).
  3. I've been using monthlies for 2 years and they're fine. Get some drops, don't exceed four weeks and don't take them out pissed having just eaten pickled onion monster munch.

    I've had 3 days out of dailies before when in the bondu but I wouldn't advise it. One dried up and ended up migrating up under my eyelid, that was an absolute horror show.
  4. Get yourself laser eye surgery.
  5. I'd still not advise this I'm not convinced of the long term results. I'd rather some other guinea pig find out. It's become the optical version of Botox.
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  6. Just get used to putting in your contacts. you'll soon get be able to put them in in about 10 seconds with no mirror.

    Or like said above get some overnight ones which you can wear for 2 weeks or up to a month.
  7. Relax - within a week or two you'll be doing it in no time. Just don't do what I did - lose a contact lens while on ops and some distance from any spares - and then had to reveal myself to my entire platoon in all my four-eyed glory instead. The shame of it.....
  8. Thanks for all the advice.

    I'm down to five minutes getting them in so will stick with it and see if I can end up doing it without a mirror, without swearing loudly etc. I may well kip with my lenses in just to try it out in case I go cack-handed again.

    Vision still a little variable (blurs every now and again) and not as sharp as with my speccy look but I'm guessing I need to wait for my eyes to get used to things for a while.

    The ultimate goal is laser eye surgery but I'm waiting for a suitabe time and for the price to come down a bit - two and a half grand for the top banana wavefront jobbie at the moment.

  9. When I've had to leave mine in because I couldn't see to take them out (ie under the affluence of incohol) they have irritated the next day and been blurry. I wear the daily disposable, so wouldn't advise keeping them in too long unless they are extended wear ones for which you will need some normal saline drops (from Boots) to help keep them moist. In sandy places you will get dust in your eyes so you should consider that as well
  10. Very much know where your coming from. I've worn contacts for the past 10 years and in regards to comfort I don't have any complaints, but initially I did find them tricky to take in and out, but I know this isn't the case with all users. I personally find video the most informative way of advice, check this you tube clip out (How to Wear Contact Lenses : How to Remove Contact Lenses - YouTube) secondly I found the advice on the Vision Express website really helpful (Contact lenses, monthly disposable & daily disposable contact lens types to buy online or in store - Vision Express) I terms of what brand and what lenses are best suited for certain activities.
  11. Had enough of my contacts and glasses. I have used monthly disposable lenses for the last 5 years and i have now decided to have laser surgery (tomorrow). The lenses were proving to be a massive inconvenience on exercise and operations and glasses were just a no go. The original quote i got from ultralase was for £3990 and that was for the second from top treatment ( i have toric eyes) they then put a 20% discount on that which took it down a bit more, i then had a phonecall from them and had a further discount down to £2000 and have opted for the 2 year intrest free option. If anyone would like to ask me questions on the procedure or anything else about my experience with laser eye surgery when i get home on Fri dinner time then feel free to PM me to ask.
  12. I can put my dailies in while driving the car....

    You'll get used to it

    The benefits of dailys are you can put a pair in and if they go tits you can bin them off and put a new pair in.

    I regularly use a few pairs aday.

    Lose your thirty dayers and you need back up.

    On review best for field work is 30 dayers with a back up bag of dailies.

    Beware the corneal ulcer.....possibly the most exquisite pain ever

    And if you ever find yourself down lympscwitz on a mud run just bin the ****** you don't neeed em and you'll regret leaving them in....believe me on this one..
  13. I had the laser surgery almost 2 years ago now. Never looked back! US Army pays for it for their troops as standard and has done for about 3 years or so.

    Glasses or contacts are just not compatible with an active lifestyle that involves staying out overnight or in unhygenic conditions. I did contacts for a few years and I am glad to have got rid of the hassle. Also my eyesight is now better uncorrected than it ever was with contacts in.

    The surgery can leave you with some dry-eye issues but they clear up over time.
  14. Moorfields Eye Hospital - Eye Surgery Hospital, Eye Surgery Presbyopia, Laser Eye Surgery Presbyopia, Laser Presbyopia

    Moorfields is where NHS patients go to sort out the high street poorly trained quacks. Why not pay private and see them in the first place.
    I'd still not consider eye surgery though but if I did i'd go to Moorfields.