Contact in Sky Broadband ??

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by machiavelli, Nov 4, 2009.

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  1. Anyone got an email address for someone in sky who can actually get things achieved ??

    The general help email and phone system is crap and am still awaiting a reply 12 days later.

    Otherwise my broadband speed seems to slow incrementally over the day - it starts at about 2.3 mbps slowing down to 1.3 if i leave the router on all day - anyone got any suggestions........
  2. I can't help you with that but I use Sky Broadband and have trouble with the wireless router. It keeps deciding to go un-wireless, leaving to turn off and then turn back on. Even if I'm sat 10ft from the router, it keeps giving off a poor signal.
  3. They do seem hard to get & then you get linked to a call centre in India.
    Have you tried resetting the router with the reset button?
    It worked when i did mine.
  4. They are sh1t. They told me they would arrange a telephone line to be fitted in my house and didn't (it was a new build). They then said I would have to pay for a second visit to finish installing my kit. I said "no" and tried to get them to hold of until the phone was installed. They pushed me from piilar to post for over two hours with no one being able to tell me anything and no supervisors or anything. They kept "parking my call" to canned music that dropped out after ten minutes and disconnected me.

    In the end I told them I was not interested in doing business with them and remain skyless to this day.

    I would highly recommend you all do the same.

  5. Machiavelli,

    A quick google turned up the email address of the CEO.

    Tell him exactly what you have done so far, why you have decided to contact him and what you expect him to do. Keep it factual and polite (his email will be dealt with by his PA and probably passed on to an executive complaints team).

  6. SA - many thanks i will keep you informed of how things pan out.

    The speed degradation is not a router issue that can be fixed by reset - i know i have tried.

    The other issue is that when first connected we were at a speed of over 3mbps now we seem to have been set at approx 2 - they deny any fixing and you are correct about the canned music and indian call centre !!!!
  7. On a similar vein. I have just got back from Afghanistan to find that BT have disconnected my phone line, because I haven't made any calls in the last six months. They very kindly continued to collect the direct debit from my bank account though. Bunch of t***ers.
  8. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I have been beaten to the punch. I have recently emailed Mr darroch about receiving unsolicited marketing emails and texts after I had spent much effort ensuring that I don't get them. I had an answer in 48 hours from the their team with the outcome I asked for. Not great service - but OK.
  9. Waffen,

    Email (CEO of BT) with your complaint. Tell them you want a reconnection at their cost and a refund of any direct debit (plus interest) for any time you were discoonected and still paying. Ask to see the terms and conditions that state they can disconnect you just because you have not made any calls. Did they contact you to inform you of the disconnection?

  10. Also,... be aware that they WILL tie you into a new 12 month contract!
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I used to work for Sky Broadband in their Tier 2/TSG & still have contact with the manager.
    PM me your details & I'll pass it on to him.