Contact details needed anyone help

Discussion in 'ACF' started by sammi-666, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. HI

    I'm an WSI with Troon detachment ACF, we are looking at trying to get a PR Visit arranged with the 4 Para's in glasgow.

    Does anyone know the best person to contact to actually get something acheived on this? A Contact Name would be appreciated

    Cheers Guys n Gals
  2. Sorry whats a WSI?
  3. Woman Sargeant Instructor
  4. ah ok sorry did not realise they differentiated like that
  5. Yep and they do it in the most insensitive way. On a training course at the weekend the Major asked one of the Girls her name when she replied with her surname he said "is that SI or WSI" no one knew where to look!!
  6. But did she know how to spell her rank? ;)
  7. Probably not :roll:
  8. It was a question on most peoples minds!!!!
  9. So was that a real major or part time one
  10. Fabulous Thanx Muchly :D
  11. A Real one!!
  12. It's A coy you need as I would assume being as you are north of the border that they are your sponsering coy.
    Best person to speak to would be the PSAO or SPSI as they are fulltime,BTN HQ is further south in England so you would probably be better of talking to A coy directly on a local basis.
    B coy's permanant staff and command structure in london are excellent at supporting their affiliated cadet detachments so cannot see why A coy would be any different

    pimp out
  13. Fabulous Thanx Muchly :D