Contact details for warrant section at Glasgow

Morning all,
over 2 years ago i picked up my WO2 and STILL haven't received my warrant, the chief clerk claims the printer is broken but for 2 years! Does anyone have the contact details for me to ring and ask (I'm a stab so can't get on DII and want to check before I go to the CO)
Cheers in advance.
That's not true mate.
Recently, in May of this year, I got someones warrant sorted for them. Had not been requested by the unit. This was rectified and it took 4 weeks to arrive in the unit.
All done through the RAOWO. I'm not TA, but this shouldn't be any different.
Haven't got contact details with me to hand, but your Clk needs to email the Promotions desk. They will sort it for you.
Failing that, raise it up the CofC and annoy the Ch Clk.
PM sent.

Thanks for that, unfortunately it's the RAWO who told me the printer is US. I thought it sounded like crap at the time but wanted to check before raising it higher and also wanted to sort it myself to **** them up even more.

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