Contact details for Polo (equitation?) officer at Sandhurst

Discussion in 'Officers' started by gametheory, Mar 18, 2013.

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  1. Tried the Camberley number, they only have the "brunei junior saddle club". Not sure what this represents, but would like to get in contact with the polo officer and have had no luck with normal enquiries so far!
  2. Assuming that you are about to go to Sandhurst, I would advise you to wait until about the middle of your first term when they put on a sort of Freshers Fair for you to meet all of the sports club representatives (including polo). You will probably not be thanked for annoying the nominated polo officer prior to tipping up and you will not have time to play/ride before about three quarters of the way through the first term anyway. While I caveat all this by saying that I commissioned a long time ago and things may have changed, I suspect they have not changed very much in terms of at what stage you get the opportunity to play sports.

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  3. Response most appreciated BC. I was merely tipped off to a supposed easter course by a couple of subbies at a regiment I was visiting that was, during their stay, open to people on their way in as well as those already in.

    Not that I wanted to jump to the conclusion that they were pulling my leg merely to irritate the poor polo officer, but I think you're right that it's best left alone.
  4. PM sent.

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  5. Happens to the best of us mate. I'm an avid climber and arrived here thinking that in first few weeks I'd join the mountaineering club and be planning a K2 ascent. Passing out soon and, TBH, that sort of malarky is still a dim and distant dream.

    Anyway. Polo's for poofs.
  6. RB and BC - both, thank you each for your PM's. Though for some reason I remain unable to respond in kind, both were square on the money. RB - I'll drop an email but I fear it may be a little late now.