Contact details for Med Centre, Belize

I was just wondering if anyone has any contact details for the nursing staff at the medical centre in belize. I am a first year military student nurse trying to see about the feasibility of a setting up a 5 week placement out there in the summer.

Would there be enough work for a 5 week placement?
Are you sure youre not after a 5 week sun and sea fest?

If its work and experience youre after then youd be better off going to one of the bigger med centres in Germany.

I have pm'd you with the telephone number for Belize.
There is nothing there to do, other than a bit of diving, the water kind not the rose garden kind :censored:

The med centre is only open & manned when courses pass through, which I would imagin is less & less these days.

Besides the school of nursing will never agree to it.
Actually the Med Centre is up and running as we speak and has a permanent staff. There are plenty of activites fragged for summer so stay tuned.

Let me finish up what I'm doing here for a few days and I'll be in touch with the RMO's and QA's contact details.
Cheers for the replies, its for my CAP period so wanted to do something different.
did you call the number for the med centre that I pm'd you?
yeah I did. It appears that there isn't much happening during the time i'm on CAP and that it wouldn't be much of a training/learning environment but thanks for all the advice and such. I will have to look and see what else is out there.
Try Gib or out here in Germany.
Gib might be an option, just spent 5 years in Germany, body still recovering

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