Contact details for ICAREC?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Richard_Hamilton, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    As a prospective civilian employer, I would like to contact ICAREC but am struggling to find contact details - you can see I wasn't in the Int Corp!

    If anyone can point me at a postal address and/or telephone number I'd be very grateful.

    From what I can tell in the forums their website went off-line sometime ago and never resurfaced?

    Best regards

    Richard Hamilton
    Deputy-Capability Team Manager
    Associates Capability Team
    HVR Consulting

    Selborne House
    Mill Lane
    Hampshire GU34 2QJ

    Tel. +44 1420 87977
    Mob. +44 7920 268998
    Fax. +44 1420 89819
  2. Check your PMs
  3. Cheers for that.

  4. Gis a job, guv.
  5. Got a bit wet at home, then?
  6. Hah! I hold the high ground around here! No moisture in my cloister.

    Nice to see an organisation which does things I can't even spell looking for good people from the old Mobile Bath'n'Scrub Corps, though. Hope they get them.
  7. As so often, so much depends on the little intangibles like, um, money. At heart, we retired Mobile Hip Bath Operators are whores.

    Incidentally, are you looking at the moment? Just asking, like.
  8. Always looking. You open for business? Clean, no weeping sores...?
  9. Not right now but conceivably later in the year. You know the work mail address? If not, the Marsh Arabist will no doubt oblige.
  10. Roger. I'll finish the penicillin course and ask my parole person to give me access to the green ink again (it tastes so good!)