"Contact" by AFN Clarke

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by ssupersixfour, Nov 23, 2006.

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  1. While off sick the other day I was clearing out some old videos.

    I came across a film called 'Contact' based on the book by AFN Clarke (which I've not read, BTW). The film is based around the experiences of a para subbie in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

    The recording was very old, I reckon late 80s at a guess.

    The film was quite gripping to watch, and while I can't comment on the veracity or not of the events it portrays, it certainly had enough in to keep me interested in watching all the way through.....

    ....which I can't do as the recording cuts out before the end! POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT - it cuts out just after the patrol captures the gun-runners who have hidden in a house after being attacked by the patrol while swappping rifles over from 1 car to another.

    I've tried looking for a copy on Ebay etc but had no joy, perhaps not surprisingly.

    I'd be keen to see the whole film all the way through: does anyone by any chance have any input or ideas that might help?
  2. I recorded it when it was shown on TV, BBC2 I think. I'm sure I've still got it at home somewhere.

    Unfortunately not watched it for sometime, so don't remember what happened to the 'gun-runners.'

    HS12 :D
  3. i'v been trying to get hold of 'contact' for a while, anyone know if its available on DVD anywhere?
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    That's the one I have been racking my bucket over for ages!
  5. This subject came up a while ago. From what I can remember, it's never gone on to official DVD release but I think a couple of home made DVD's ended up on EBay or Amazon. I remember watching it when it came out and it would be interesting to watch it again. Anyone gets a copy on DVD, give me a shout.
  6. Yep, I've found my copy. It's on VHS and rather grainy. The sound is a bit distorted too from watching it numerous times, when I was a cadet.

    Started watching it last night. Then Mrs HS12 got home.

    HS12 :D
  7. Have you got a full copy?
  8. Yes as far as I remember. Going to watch it in full this weekend to confirm.
  9. Have read the book, its pretty short, I knew there was a video but have never seen it. I pretty sure that there's no (or very little) talking/dialogue in the film, is this true???

    Cheers Easy!
  10. Any chance of making a copy? Obviously I will pay all costs.
  11. Ssupersixfour

    Check your PMs mate.

    HS12 :D
  12. Don't they gun them down - the gun runners
  13. you can actually but the book from here


    as for the video this is the only connection i cold find .

    Contact (BBC tx. 6/1/1985)

    Also some information regarding mr clarke

  14. Was this the book where He talks about his men asking strange questions re their marrages and the very strange episode with the ex SSSShh man fighting a badger to the death in hand to claw combat. Killing said badger, carring it on the patrol for a day or so and than shitting on the ex badgers head?

    If so I was a very dull book.