Contact at Sandhurst.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by SickMyDuck, Sep 22, 2011.

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  1. Dear all,

    What contact with the outside world is or is not allowed during firstly, the first five weeks and secondly, throughout the remainder of Sandhurst? By contact I mean phones, leave weekends, visiting weekends and such?

    Kind Regards,

  2. Wait out!
  3. Sympathetic_Reaction

    Sympathetic_Reaction LE Book Reviewer

    to a degree it depends on a few factors:

    1. your Platoon Colour Sgt
    2. how much time you have
    3. when you have any spare time you might not have.

    In my case (2001) our CSgt gave us our mobiles back at 21:00 and they had to be back in his desk drawer by 06:00 the next morning. There was also one public pay phone in the block and we had some time during the weekend to write home in.

    First 'leave' weekend was after week 5 (long reach ex?) but to be honest you spent it asleep and sorting kit/broken body out.

    Probably all changed nowadays.

  4. No it hasn't. Or at least it didn't back in 98. The only way you get out of Fort Doom in the first 5 weeks (and from memory it was actually 6 or 7 - Pass off the parade square) is if you join the Rowing Club who need to train in the vicinity of a river. If you want to breathe free air I'd either be 6ft 6 and know what the difference between bow and stroke is, or be a 5ft 4 Midget and steer the boat.
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  5. rowing's a good way to get to Tescos (you only get to do sport about 8 times in Juniors anyway), but most people got their phones back in the evenings (2200- 0600 for us- woe betide those that failed to return them!) or hid them in their safe. Letters are an essential way of staying awake in Woolwich hall- I wrote loads because it also makes you look like you're writing notes. And you then get letters in return, which are excellent morale. I would take many stamps, envelopes and addresses with you. (although wifi was installed last term- don't know how far juniors are likely to use it). There's also an 'internet cafe' you can use if you've got the time, and that's open until 2200 all the way through.
  6. Pal of mine has just passed out; no time off / walking out for first five weeks.
  7. (walking out is minimal, even after weeks 1-5, which you have chapel every Sunday morning of anyway. There are 3 leave weekends a term which give you a full two and a half/ 3 days off, but other weekends you just get Sundays. I still managed to get away at weekends to play rugby... but it was sometimes pretty tight.)
  8. Or Beagling. Which worked for me as I had a tweed jacket and no idea how to row.
  9. If your CSgt's a good egg he may show you a photograph of the outside world now and again.