Contact at Chillwell

Supose i wanted to contact sombody at Chillwell about a tour to a sandy place, because my Bn is too much of a mongo to sqaure things away for me. Who would I contact - Name and tel number?

Contact me via PM

I think that this has to go through your chain of command. If your TM is not helping, ask for an OC's interview. If that doesn't solve it, ask for a CO's interview.

If he won't let you go, then someone, somewhere is trying to tell you something ;)

There are a few people on here from Chillwell.

Give it a bit of time and they will get in touch with you.

Did PM a couple on Friday night but I was in a Wobbly induced state :D
Why don't you wait for the platoon that is going out next April?

Have you actually spoken to the OC? I.e. actually requested an interview regarding possible deployment? Making things a bit more official usually speeds things up.

And if you are who I think you are, then you definately need some more time in and to grow up a bit....marching around thinking you're a Nazi is probably not the best advertisement to send out to the hierarchy if you want to go out on an op.

Remember, it is they who ultimately carry the can if you get RTU'd or reallocated to an echelon position because you aren't up to it.

Try putting yourself forward for Cambrian this year and see how you get on.


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Chilwell may not actually be the best place to start. They get you ready to go, but don't have a say in who actually goes. Glasgow is a far better bet, they actually send out the call-out notices for a start.

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