Consumer Protection - Prevention of Excessive Charges Bill

Hansard 29 April 2009 HC Deb cc 887-889 sees the first reading of The Prevention of Excessive Charges Bill [introduced by Mr Mohammed Sarrwar (Glasgow Central)(Lab). It is a Private Members Bill introduced under Standing Order 23 (Ten Minute Rule Bill).

If introduced, its intended purpose is to impose a statutory maximum on all charges for contractual breaches of consumer contracts.

The Bill, although consistent with the 'Rip-off Britain' campaign embarked upon by Labour in the late 1990s and then abandoned in office, faces the difficulty that all such private members bills suffer from in that it is bound to fail in the absence of active government support for it.

The government, who allocate Parliamentary time, have allowed a generous amount of time for the business lobby to co-ordinate an effective defence since it is scheduled to be read for a second time on 16 October 2009.

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