Consumer law regarding a repair.

Hello fellow ARRSErs, I have a question for some of the more learned among you regarding consumer rights. I've tried google, but nothing is coming up regarding damage caused during a repair.

Basically, I dropped my iPhone, and broke the screen. Everything else worked, it was just cosmetic damage.

I put it in for repair with a local phone shop. I got the phone back yesterday, and the phone cannot make calls (I can hear, but they cannot hear me). One of the buttons no longer works (the home button), and the battery is dying really quickly, the clock also keeps resetting itself.

The explanation I got when I picked it up was that on opening the phone, the home button flex crumbled away. I personally think this is rubbish, because when I went back to say I couldn't make calls, he said "it must be related". However, it's worked fine for the past month.

So I'd really appreciate it if somebody could let me know how best to proceed? I'm planning on sending a registered letter this week, but I'd like to know what I should put in it, etc.

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