Hi all,

I have recently been made redundant by the UKBA and have been at a bit of a loose end as to how to keep myself busy before realising that the skills I have could be put to great use as a change/management consultant.

I spent the last 8 years working as what is known as a Home Office Presenting Officer, going into court to represent the Home Secretary in Asylum and Immigration Appeals. Here I had a success rate which significantly outstripped my peers winning around 90% of asylum appeals against a national target of 85% and a national average success rate regularly between 70 and 80%, my performance in deportation and immigration appeals was similarly high.

My success was down to my analytical ability, being able to consider complex information before coming up with straightforward and effective solutions which were then put to Immigration Judges in a way that convinced them to dismiss the appellants appeal.

Prior to this I worked in a new NDPB taking responsibility for setting up and running a national PR programme alongside my normal duties and whilst at university spent time at OTC before moving to a local TA unit where I was a platoon commander for around a year and a half.

Throughout this time I have again and again proven my ability to work independently and as part of a team meeting and exceeding my targets.

What am I looking for? I guess guidance from people who have previously set themselves up as consultants and maybe if anyone is looking for some help offer up my services for sale, though I am currently in the process of lobbying for some potential government work.

If this sounds of interest to anyone please reply to the thread or send me an IM.


top tip from a self-employed consultant. If you do go this route, then every chargeable day has to be the best day's work you have ever done...or at least that must be your mind set. There are no mental health days when the client is footing the bill.


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Do you want to service the public or the private sector?

They are two different areas in regards of the awarding of contracts. PM me if you want some steers.

I have worked as a consultant pretty much full on since I left the army 15 years ago. It's had its ups and downs!

Now is a distinct down.
Thanks guys,

The mental health one is a bit tricky given I am bipolar, but if I am working for myself this should be less of a problem as I won't have to deal with all the shit of working for incompetent managers. At my best I have only ever needed a short time away and the quality of the work I produce more than makes up for any limited downtime.

Getting myself the support structures to keep me healthy in place is one of the first things I will be looking at down there.

Udipur, at the moment I am looking at the public sector and specifically my old area of work. I have been starting to get into contact with the people I know in the civil service who can vouch for my abilities and provide me with the contacts in the Home Office, Treasury and other departments.

I'm going to take a chance with the governments pledge to improve the public sector to make it more cost effective, if it works good, if not well at least I have tried.

If things do work out on the project I am initially looking at there is the potential for me to be looking for help delivering it both externally and internally, in the civil service.

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