constructive comments requested re - hohne or fally

Discussion in 'REME' started by vm_in_a_rs_world, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. due posting and have the chance to go to hohne and fally last served in germany in 98 paderbourne last time in hohne was 92, not so bothered about how units are although any info would be welcome good or bad points, but more how family life outside of work hours is now and how the other half finds things and what there is to do to fill in spare time, lol i appreciate as a vm there might not be much spare time .
  2. fallingbostels nice....and hot in the summer..2 bn have a very good museum to visit...very good bunch of guys and girls too.
    good restraunts-swimming pool in town..big naafi-lots of supermarkets local--easy escape exit--autobahn--e7--1 hour hamburg
    40 mins hannover...40 bremen...

    local town walsrode has a whore house...disco, ..pubs...
    also local ..heide park----safari park..bird park---magic park...
    new houses also being camp--buildings being renovated...
    i like it so much ive moved here ....
  3. VM in a RS World.

    You will make of both locations what you put into them. I served in Hohne from 1981 - 84 and more recently until from Feb 04 - Dec 06; both times were great. The facilities on offer are far better than other BF(G) garrison, the APOD/E at Hannover is only 45 mins away although the drag to the docks can be a bore. Another cry people make is that Fally and Hohne are far from the towns - I believe this adds to their attractiveness. Notwithstanding that the towns of Walsrode and Celle are lovely.

    Qtrs are getting better and a huge project is underway to refurbish SSLA – on the whole, and in comparison to the UK they are huge. 7 Armd Bde (Desert Rats) are a great Bde to be with. The 'All of one Company' culture developed by the last Bde Comd lives on and makes everyone welcome - even the REME!

    Given the chance I would go back at the earliest opportunity.
  4. Hohne gets the thumbs up over Fally for me.
  5. Served fairly recently in Hohne & then Fally , both good postings at the time.

    Hohne = AS90 , Armd Engrs & Recce Regt.
    Fally = CR2 , 2Bn REME , x2 Inf Bn's & Tk Tspt

    So plenty of differing units to choose between the two , and suppose your preference as to what you want to work on will dictate there.

    As for the towns themselves , both are small , but have a decent amount of pubs and restaurants , Fally slightly better on that score.

    Both are near the autobahn A7 , so getting to Hamburg , Bremen , Hannover , Berlin etc,etc is really easy . Fally is right on the A7 , Hohne is about 10mins away , but is only 20mins from Celle which is a nice place with plenty in it.

    Plenty to do if you are coming with wife and kids . Heidepark , Seringeti , Dinosaurpark , Centreparcs nearby , lunebergheide , plenty of big outdoor swimming pools in area , lots to do with in easy reach of either ....

    The quarter areas in Hohne are better , but no houses ONLY flats , unless you are a Capt and above . Fally has plenty of houses and more being built , BUT the areas are more scummy and there are two Inf Bn families and kids there , with one of them being the Highlanders.....NOT good news.

    Hope that is sort of OK info as an insight.
  6. I am not sure how much it is to hire scaffolding nowadays around that area, but it has gone up a lot recently. The same can be said for plant equipment too.

    But I would always advise putting your money into bricks and mortar matey!
  7. The Hohne or Fally question is a simple one.

    You want to get away from your parent place quick...and Fally has an autobahn right next to it. In Hohne you have to drive on the busy "A" road for 20 mins before you get to the autobahn. (dont believe "UnderTheBreech" is not 10 mins to the autobahn")

    Autobahn = Hamburg = Reeperbahn :)
  8. Fally options...quickly drive to Verden, Bremen, Hannover or Hamburg.

    Hohne...take a quick trip to Belsen :(
  9. Lived in Fally for 10+ years and Hohne for 2.5 years.

    Trust me...Fally is your option, without a doubt. I would easily go back there tomorrow.
  10. well said ,,im still here ..fallys a nicer place,,bit bleek in winter but in the summer it comes alive..and its got a great reme museum too....
  11. Is this a guess the thread/question post??
  12. I thought my reply was constructive in its nature?
  13. The Pink House is the best brothel in the world so get yourself to Falli.

    Oh the memories....
  14. Ex REME dave, just got yer, had a right good chuckle mate.

    Fally or Hohne, i prefer Fally, i agree with the ease of autobahn and the facilities around. Just be aware of these new houses, they have been coming a while and i ain't seen a brick yet. Unless anyone has info to the contray.

    There are some cracking unit's in both locations, take your pick
  15. After doing both I would go for Hohne, it has swimming pools on camp and the golf course is a ten minute drive away.