Construction Squad: Operation Homefront

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Holdfast43, Aug 30, 2013.

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  1. Just watching this Channel 5 programme about a team of former Sappers applying their skills to a community support project.

    Brilliant advert for the Corps.
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  2. Do they build a bar?
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  3. Worthy and interesting cause but the '9 years regular and reserve SF' bloke seems like a throbber

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  4. You dont want to read our local rag regarding the shite state they left Dry Sandford's Scout hall in when they did it up last year then

    I'll post a link up when I get time

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  5. If the way he's talking to his Volunteers is anything to go by I'm not fecking suprised he didn't get the best out of people.
    Even if I was getting paid I have told him to poke it!
  6. Scouts claim TV makeover left their new hut a 'shambles' (From Oxford Mail)
  7. I liked the bit where he said ' ..if you need to, be aggressive with them...'

    He's behaving like a bad caricature of a SNCO or junior officer.

    What a w@nker.

    like the man said, a good advert for the Sappers!

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  8. The last line should end in NOT (if edit it if I knew how - but on the mobile and haven't a clue!)

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  9. What a belter! He needs to wind his neck in.
  10. I would say it reminds me of why I left, but It doesn't. I don't think I ever met anyone on a military building site who spoke to people that way.

    Seems a little out of his depth, tbh.
  11. Now now lads come on. I was a volunteer on the show in Newcastle, ex engineers and responded to the radio show when i heard it The guy your about Kev developed the show and does it all for charity, dedicating thousands of hours to help communities, he's aactually a really nice hard working guy. See his website online just not sure address. So, all I'm trying to say is they did this 300k project for like 10k or something, Kev blogged all the kit and was worked to the bone. He did come across a bit bolshy when tired lol. But he's really doing such a great thing for showcasing our armed forces and what can be done with hard work and effort. I was an amazing thing to see. If you guys can donate some time locally then check his out Operation Home Front and pledge an hour or so for a project near you.
  12. He's not. I took one look at him and thought "What a cock"
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  13. wow, look at this place, you sad sad bitter cowards, sit blasting from behind the echelon. Id heard of this as a home for all the walters and wannabes. Slag the show all you want but your the sort of lads who think we should not go into syria and sit there letting everyone else do the heavy lifting. You call a man a cock who founded the charity tickets for troops, raised tthousands for combat stress and developed the concept of putting the military into broken communities. When one of our own does good you slag him. I dont get it, sometimes my veteran community disgusts me. Whatever lads.