Construction in the army

Hello, I've been at college for 3 years studying construction, I currently have a National Diploma in Construction and I am in my first year of my HNC class however I am unemployed and can't see myself getting a job any time soon because of economic circumstances..

So I was wondering how is construction in the army? I hear they might send you out to places to build your own accomodations and schools etc which sounds interesting! - Although I've been in college 3 years I do not actually have experience, just (a little) knowledge. I imagine you start off as a brick layer and work your way up to the top?

Also I'm a bit of a fussy eater, how is the food and will I be required to cut off my glorious hair? Any other points will be appreciated, thanks!


If this is for real, yes, the Royal Engineers do undertake 'Construction'.

You could initially enter in one of these 'trades'.

The 'top of the tree' is the Clerk of Works-

However, remember that these kind of jobs are well sought after and attract the cream of the crop. Not people who are just signing up as they can't get a job anywhere else, which is what your OP seems to imply. Please, should you be serious, bring a more enthusiastic and positive attitude.

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