Construction begins on Royal Marines accommodation in Lympstone


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Cost savings have been identified by leaving out the shower curtains, cos the big whoopsies take them down so they can watch each other anyway.
Do marines need accommodation? Why not just moor an old hulk off the beach?

Get 'em used to it from the off.
Serious comment:
Not before time having been there earlier this year.
I was there in 2002 and it was old and dated then.

In 2009 as a trained rank I had to go there on an adqual course (not AACC before anyone piped up) and it still hadn’t changed.

Don’t think I’ve ever had a hot shower the amount of time I’ve spent there.

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The accommodation will comprise of 21 eight-bed rooms

Each of which will have a walk in closet with hanging space for up to 24 ball gowns

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