Constitutional position of PrimeMandy?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by oldcolt, Sep 9, 2009.

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  1. Having already 'run' the country as an unelected caretaker PM; what is the constitutional position if Mandy were to be put in charge again?
  2. Compulsory up hill gardening for all????????????????????????????????
  3. You mean, just like Cyclops?

    Constitutionally, it would be fine, us not having a written one that says he can't be. It is a convention that the PM should be in the commons, I believe, rather than a rule.
  4. Totally ignorant on this subject but intrigued by the idea. Whilst Cyclops is unelected as PM at least he can claim to have been elected to parliament (for all the goods thats done us :x ) but I am/ would be suprised if a prime minister could hold that office if they were unelected at all/ appointed. Does this mean they have to be a lord or can anyone just rock up and say, right ho' I'm in charge now? If so, it makes for an interesting potential plot line for a book....or something FAR more helpful to this country! :twisted: :wink:
  5. Unlike heredetary peers, life peer, cannot give up their peerage. I believe that the law on this will be changed this autumn to permit Mandy to stand as an MP and assume the throne.
  6. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    The PM also has to be sitting as an MP at the time of promotion to the position, so someone who isnt currently a MP cannot be PM
  7. Mandy is going to make a choice between leading a demoralised rump Labour party which may not even be the opposition and being an unsackable Lord, entitled to all the trappings and monies which go with the position until he dies?

    No I didn't think so either.
  8. I stll think that there will be a change in Law. Whether Mandy avails himself of it is something time will tell. Alot will depend upon how much improvement in the ecomomy and employment there is between now and the election. I suspect that we keep being told that we are out of the recession for a reason. Gordon has saved us again. Let's keep him.
  9. Are we sure of this? "Has to"? I know the current protocol is that the PM must be sitting in the Commons but is there actually law that says that they can't be in the Lords?

    They've already trialed this with the "The European Parliament (House of Lords Disqualification) Regulations 2008" which I think I remember deriding as the practice for the "Peter Mandelson Appointment as Prime Minister (House of Lords Disqualification) Regulations 2010" - or something even less witty - in an earlier thread.

    He's a little large for a Figure 11. What were you suggesting we keep him as? Hardly suitable as a family pet!
  10. I'm not suggesting that we keep Gordon 'saviour of the Wolrd' Brown. I was suggesting that if we are made to think that things are improving the the Labour line may be to keep an experienced team in place. If some voters are fooled by this and with the permanent vote from the scroungers and those employed because of the government's diverse eccentris policies, they just might win. Well, they'll hope that. After all I expect that they will put forward some reason to vote for them, however thin.
  11. His Brazilian boyfriend will know his favourite position.
  12. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    The Parliament Act of 1911 that marginalised the Lords' role in the legislative process and to the convention that a Prime Minister cannot sit in the House of Lords.

    The same act has been amended to also state that the PM has to be a sitting PM.

    However bear in mind that this can be amended, with an act of parliament so all to play for for Maddy really ;o)

    If youre interested lists the parliment act, incorporating the 1949? changes ;o)
  13. Thanks Country young Lady for the clarification. I knew that there was some impediment to Mandy's Rule but I expect to see it changed in the next session of Parliament. I think that there is a short one before Christmas.
  14. But wouldn't changing two rules be a little far out, even for this bunch of dimwits? It would mean changing the rules so Mandy could resign his life peerage THEN changing the rules so he could become PM if he wasn't voted in as an MP. (Yes, I realise that there are some dummies out there who would vote for Mandy and then they wouldn't have to change the last bit, although I can't for the life of me think who would be so stupid enough to select him, let alone vote him in).
    Oh, and I still don't get it about Mandy.
  15. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Not too long ago he was MP of hartlpool, wouldnt take much to get him into a safe seat