An Indian Squaw visits the local chemist, and asks for some laxative. When asked what it is for, she answers:
"Big Chief, no shit..."

She returns next day, asking for a double dose?
"Big Chief, no shit..." and is given two packs.

Next day, she is back "Big Chief, no shit....." and the exasperated Chemist finds a stronger brand.

She phones back the next day, and asks desperately for help.
"Big Chief no shit...." and the frantic Chemist has his staff send around every box of laxative that he can scrape together!!

Upon getting another phone call, the day after, the Chemist is doing his nut! "What the hell!?!?!? what do you need now? What is the problem??????"
"I need lots of absorbant roll" says the squaw...
..."Big Shit, no Chief..............."
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