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Constantly getting hoofed off the site

I suspect Safari is sharing the settings that are causing the issue between the two devices! The suggestion to try Chrome is probably not a bad one - any IOS users able to offer any other suggestions?
Thanks... Chrome (on iOS) is the same.

  1. Launch Chrome,
  2. get the GDPR pop-up, select consent
  3. login only to immediately get the GDPR pop-up.
  4. Select consent
  5. log out
  6. Close Chrome
  7. Launch Chrome
  8. Goto 2
I'll close Chrome here and go back to Safari...

...and get exactly the same sequence of events.

I'll assume that something on my iPad has suddenly and autonomously decided that the cookie related to this pop-up is verboten and give up - I don’t have the technical knowledge to deal with it.

It is the only website on which it is happening - that doesn’t help as there is no general solution to be found on t'interweb that I can find.
Hard reset?
just done it right back to out of the box new... GDPR expectedly appeared on opening Arrse... settings submitted and then log in - GDPR pop up re-appeared... settings submitted again and now it’s wait for the next inst.

I note another user has indicated that the problem is 'back'.

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