constant running?

alright peeps,
is it better to run constantly or to break it up with a little bit of walking, been reading an artical in one of the mens mags and it says its better to walk for 30-60 secs when out running rather than constant,
whats everbodys thoughts on this?
I guess it depends how fit you are. Most people who've just started running for the first time in their lives will have to stop and walk periodically, partly due to lack of fitness, and partly because they haven't learnt to set a pace they can keep up for a long time. In fact, this is basically a form of fartlek training and is no bad thing. Many people then graduate to running their routes without stopping to walk, but run very slowly. They might see more benefit from running hard and then walking for a bit.

If you're fit enough complete the distance of your run then rather than stopping and walking, just mix the pace of the run.

I would suspect the article is aimed at relative beginners and is trying to make the point that if you stop and walk for a little while in the middle of a run, it doesn't completely destroy any fitness benefit you get from the run.
Agree with the above. If you can run the whole thing, then don't make it easier by walking; vary your pace between sprinting and jogging.
Like 303SMLE said, wlaking and running mixed will form fartlek which is a very good form of training. Although you should also try to include at least one long run a week where you don't stop, but I am not sure what distances you are running at the moment so can't offer any advice on what distances to start for your long run. But long runs are great you run them at a slower pace than usual but for longer this focus's on burning fat rather than glucose (stand to be corrected) as your heart rate is lower. So if you need improve your endurance then long slow runs are the way foward as they will get you used to running for longer periods of time.
yeah the walking bit is for begginers and poofs so go for it what ever your persuasion.. if you can run the full planned distance do it, you can always slow and quicken for variety, there is no usefull reason for walking unless you are weight bearing or have injury, in which case you should rest until healed.

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