Const. Carroll verdict.

McConville & Wooton both found guilty.
There was an interesting bit of evidence given in the trial that I didn't want to post until the trial was over.

A undercover Army unit was tracking the car used and then the information was "wiped" and they wouldn't hand it over to the PSNI until forced to.
I thought the days of the Security Forces keeping information from one and another was over!
Also as this was in 2009 the Army involvement is surprising.

The court was also told that a special army intelligence unit had placed a GPS (global tracking system) into Mr Wootton's car at some point prior to the shooting.
This, the prosecution argued, tracked the whereabouts of Mr Wootton's car that night and showed the vehicle close to the scene at the time of the murder.
It also emerged that the tracking device was ''wiped'', and that data from the hours after the killing was lost.
Three soldiers gave evidence anonymously and failed to explain how the data was deleted from the device.
The court also heard that the army had been "very reluctant" to hand over the data from the device to the police, and that "negotiations involving the chief constable and maybe even above that level", had taken place.
Eventually the army gave the data to detectives, but only after the PSNI had threatened to seize it under warrant.
BBC News - The story of the Stephen Carroll murder trial

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