Conspiracy Thories behind the Tsunami

Moving to Int Cell Sabre, as I'd like to keep the debate on the Tsunami issue half way serious :wink:

No worries ty PTP
what a load of pish! :D

some of those theories are WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY out there!!

An eco-weapon?? god the yanks are good at hiding these things.

agent smith
Predictably perhaps, I remain permanently barred by American multinationals including Yahoo and PayPal, and more recently have had completely unacceptable restrictions placed on my web page layouts and graphics by others, who for the present will not be named. All seem intent on removing my content from the Internet completely, or in gaining 100% editorial control over my work.
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theres a surpirse, he wants money!! :roll:

I was genuinely surprised when is saw his name was not 'gorgeous' george galloway 8O

agent smith
SAorry if i had known he was after money i wouldnt have put the link up
no prob sabre...

it was a good laugh reading it :D

agent smith

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