Conspiracy theory

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Adam(KOS), Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. David Abrahams. I wild shot I know but, lets suppose for a minute that this fella is not such a liarbour fan as we've been allowed to think he is.
    Could this £650,000 have been nothing more than some kind of expensive 'honey trap' to bring Brown and his other cronies down?
    He said he didn't want publicity but anonymnity hence all the cloak and dagger stuff.
    Linked to this I have another question. Was this donation tax deductible? If so, should it be? As this would mean that indirectly the treasury ( we the tax payer ) will be funding the beneficiaries of said donation as well.

    Just a thought. :roll:
    (Awaits lambasting)
  2. Not office mate, ( ) but a slow day? Yes........... 'Kin bored! :yawn:
  3. :scratch: Wher'd e go :?
  4. I am here Adam.
    As always Management is watching your every move and monitoring your every thought (no matter how purile).
  5. Now, just your thoughts. I bet you nearly cum when you saw a thread titled conspiracy theory didnt you. Time to ring bacofoil again
  6. Bungs (sorry donations) such as this are only tax deductible against expenses where they are for the purposes of advertising or otherwise promoting the business.
    That's my understanding of it anyway perhaps a qualified accountant which I am not can provide a definitive answer.

    Of course if the potential return was many fold in the granting of planning permission previously withheld, I doubt whether there would be any need to offset against expenses.
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    If he was such a big liarbour supporter - how come he is spilling the beans now about how many new of his ILLEGAL donations :?
  8. A precision business using laser to cut crystal is it not Adam?
    Instead of musing about the financial machinations of the Labour Party perhaps you might apply some of that same precision re proof reading your web page text.
    Or is the 'h' in bold below a silent one?

  9. Also, the English word is 'specialising'.
  10. That's what had me thinking. Set em up, then spill the beans! :D
  11. & RFUK
    Thanks for the thanks for the pointers chaps :oops: :crash:
  12. How about its a conspiracy among all MPs to say "Look donations are not working and could lead to corruption. I know! Why don't we just use tax-payers money to fund us".
  13. Conspiracy theory! And there was me rubbin' me hot little hands! :D :D :D

  14. What all eight of them?
  15. Weh hey, all we are missing is frenchperson and the wibble gang is all here :D