Conspiracy Theory - Paras, SDR & Bloody Sunday

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mysteron, Jun 16, 2010.

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  1. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer


    Cameron lays the blame of the events of Bloody Sunday in the House and on television.

    As such, this gives the SDR the perfect political opportunity to lose the Parachute Regiment as an outdated entity as we do not realistically need a parachute only specialisation and a maritime only specialisation Lt Role capability. Thus retaining the Royal Marines and including a Para capability as part of their core competencies; creating an ideal opportunity of making a cost saving of 3 Infantry Bns in the next SDR.

    A little too expedient? Discuss - pse try to do so without turning this into why one Regt/Corps are better than anyone else..

    Dons CBA & Helmet and begins digging to Stage 3 as the inevitable Para vs RM slagging match kicks off.
  2. You just couldnt help yourself, could you?.............. :roll:
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    Spenny, I confess the is a devil on my shoulder telling me to get the spoon out and stir......

    HOWEVER, there have been many statements made that nothing is sacred and this is one area that has seen a certain amount of "untouchable" politicking.

    I think those days are over and a serious conversation is merited.
  4. I would lose the Royal Marines every time, along with an aircraft carrier a sub and a few nukes.

    Thats the SDR sorted!
  5. Highly unlikely, as much as you are probably rubbing your hands with glee. Para Reg is a big feeder for SF, plus 16AA is probably the quickest deployable Brigade we have.
  6. Mate whilst I agree that nothing is sacred and that there will no doubt be some dramatic changes in the SDR, I cannot see how a "serious conversation" can take place, based on the title of this thread!! :D

    ............. and for the record if that did happen, it would be a fcking tragedy.
  7. I think the author of this thread should face the fact amphibious forces like the RM have been made redundant by the helicopter!
  8. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    I have no preconceived ideas, as point of fact - I have never served under either cap badge. This was weighted towards an Army Regiment as this is an Army site.

    So let's weigh up the balances and make some informed decisions.
  9. Why would you bin one of the most feared units in the world?
  10. Highly unlikely that the SDR would result in the highest calibre Infantry we have being done away with.
  11. [rubs hands with glee and picks up largest shovel]

    so what would you say to the idea floated around by some commentators [both military and civilian] last year that the aggresively military approach spearheaded by 16AA in 2006 put progress so far back on Herrick that forces committed now are still trying to make up lost ground now to where the 2006 start state was?

    Seems a very expensive 5 year way to get more US commitment.......
  12. udipur

    udipur LE Book Reviewer

    A slash like that would be a fudge too far, methinks.

    Whatever your view of the necessity to train people in a role that hasn't been deployed for over half a century, the Paras do hold a strange sense of allure in the nation's hearts.

    Forming new mobs takes a bit of effort so the grand 5 battalion regiments are here to stay for now.

    Some will say that we cannot afford to cut anything as our demands are so high but the government is keen to get the troops out of Afghanistan starting next year so the strain on resources will ease.

    Instead of deciding where the inevitable axe will fall, why not posit the question around future needs analysis, i.e. where is the threat in the next 15 years? Oil's a kipshop, water's running out, food is stripping the earth bare, IT bugs can cripple cities... it goes on.
  13. there is a argument that Parachute Regiment has diluted the ethos, concept and jack of all trades within SF. It was the diversity of men and backgrounds that strengthend the SF during WW2 and subsequent conflicts. I asked a question on another thread asking when the last operational drop by a platoon was made. I was flamed instantly by knee jerk reactions.

    My answer is that the Paras and Marines rerole as SFSG, at a smaller size and at a more cost effective budget.

    As for the SDR, I fear for my job, as others should do. We should also keep away from long term deployment, and should stop peace keeping, we should be strike op orientated. We cannot be the worlds policemen, and should stop being the worlds first port of call, it is flattering but it is us taxpayers that are paying for it.

    I predict my pension being cut, my job lost and the army being hit hard.
  14. My bold.

    You may do well to remember that John Reid at the time, give that bollocks speech about "leaving without firing a single shot".

    In my opinion, 16AAB did not go in with the heavily aggressive approach, but instead reacted to the threat on the ground and countered with the aggression that I would expect from the Parachute Regiment. That's why they were the spearhead force!!

    I would doubt that Para Reg actually expected the resistance they encountered in 2006, but the certainly fcking dealt with it. Obviously there are blokes who post on this forum who were actually there and I'm sure they can tell us exactly how it was at the time.
  15. The platoon houses were an ill concived NI tatic that was warned against!!

    the para's just had to get on with it,