Conspiracy Theories

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by emptyeye, Sep 23, 2005.

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  1. Curious to see what arrsers think of these theories, some are interesting reading and designed to make your own mind up I mean we all saw the planes hit the towers on sept 11 but there is some open questions to be answered on other events:
    There was a good proram on TV recently about UK and US goverments putting out the 'official' line about some stories and later, admiting it was all b*****ks

    There is considerable evidence that what hit the Pentagon was NOT AA-77.
    The Pentagon's security cameras show some aircraft being shattered by a missile automatically from one of the defense batteries that surround the Pentagon. The Pentagon admits the aircraft came in low. It did so to get under the radar that controls those missles. Fight 77 had a wing span of 129 feet. It CANNOT fly that low and that fast due to the ground effect cushion that is formed. 757's have to stall, that is quit flying, in order fly that close to the ground. Cruise Missles and remotely piloted vehicles such as the US's Global Hawks, however , can.

  2. AND
  3. So flight AA 77 just quietly landed somewhere else and the small number of passengers and crew were taken away by the CIA to be flown to the moon on a space ship called Capricorn 1.
  4. Emptyeye,
    If you had actually read the Snopes link you posted you would have realised that this is one of the most ridiculous conspiracy theories ever created! At worst this conspiracy theory was created by someone with a tenuous grasp on reality and at best by someone with a feeble understanding of balistics and explosives.

  5. Didnt say that, in fact not saying anything. Just asking
  6. Sorry but that's not good enough. Don't be a troll. You must have an opinion so let's hear it!
  7. Yes you were - you were claiming that there was considerable evidence! There is NO evidence whatsoever for this Tinfoil hat theory!!!!!!
  8. Actually, due to bored lunch time a while ago and not having discovered arrse yet, i did a trawl about this when someone emailed me about it. Having looked at some of the evidence it would seem to stack up and all be credible right to the point of that part of the pentagon being empty etc, however, would even the americans be dumb enough to show how fragile their main building is, would they not just "crash" somewheer else! maybe into a forest with big fireballs, or an empty building or something. Something slightly less expensive!
  9. Well in fact it was just a copy and paste, and set as an example, but I HAVE to ask, just where is that FECKING huge plane?
  10. Well what's more likely:

    A. That it was all a conspiracy theory,


    B. It was a coincidence that that part of the Pentagon was "relatively" empty (people still died).

    Not a tricky one in my mind!
  11. Yes, for those who died, its bang out of order and is bloody awful, but, if anyone can show me how a VERY big plane can just disintegrate when around the crash site structures the plane was meant to hit, still survive.
    Too many things to ask to be fair
  12. If Black Box flight recorders quite often fail to survive, how do think thin alumunium is going to fare in temperatures of thousands of degrees?
  14. I organised a surprise party for my girlfriend and invited 15 of her mates along, each one had the full opsec briefing and sworn to secrecy. No-one wanted to give the game away.....

    I had three breaches before H-hour (threw enough smoke and created a big enough diversion for bird not to twig) even with a small grp and no reason to blow the whistle.

    Now - if I can't keep a party secret how could anyone hope to keep this secret - it's a fecking plane........

    Airman Bloggs - "what's that plane doing over there Sgt, and why are those guys with dark glasses loading those civilians on truck?"

    SGT Clavinsky "Son - it's a matter of national security and you didn't see anything, at all. - Promise you won't get lashed up and tell anyone"

    Airman Bloggs "Oh if' it's IMPORTANT I won't tell anyone, ever....."

    Secrets always come out because people can't keep quiet.
  15. You don't say? :D