Conspiracy of Silence around UK Sex Gangs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by tekirdag, Jan 8, 2011.

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    On Wednesday and Thursday, The Times revealed two front-page 'scoops' about a conspiracy of silence around UK sex gangs. They claimed (quite rightly) that the gang rape of a claimed 4,000 under age white girls by Pakistani men had been covered up by parliamentarians and the mainstream media for more than ten years.

    The Times article is behind a pay-wall, but here is an extract from a Telegraph copy, and a previous BBC article.
    'Cover up' claims over Asian sex gangs - Telegraph
    BBC NEWS | Programmes | Panorama | Teenage Sex For Sale: Panorama

    On Saturday, Arrse was running a thread on this subject, but it has since been censored and deleted. I think The Times should run another front page exclusive:

    "Revealed: Conspiracy of Silence around UK Sex Gangs was led by Arrse."

    Does Arrse not care that 4,000 under age girls have been gang raped? Are we to be kept in the dark?

  2. muslims are allowed to rape white children, it's their culture and they will get offended if you suggest otherwise. You nazi, racist, fascist islamophobe.
  3. Jack Straw is facing aprobrium in the meeja for daring to speak the forbidden words-calling for a nationa enquiry into the systematic abuse of white (though probably not exclusively) teenagers by asian/pakistani gangs. Expect calls for him to be tried for 'hate crime'.

  4. He should face even more opprobrium for not saying or doing anything about this heinous crime while he was Home Secretary. I just dare him to say that he knew nothing about this while he was in power (because I have the emails).

  5. I say more power to him, but where was he whilst in Gumint. I hope for more exposure of these skanky kid raping bastards and if that makes me a racist then fine I,m a racist

    Bet the MODs dont let this in.
  6. One of the contributing factors to us being "kept in the dark" is the situation where numerous young (8-25 year old) females are strutting around exposing maximum amounts of flesh displayed up top with only sprayed on leggings leaving nothing to the imagination below, backed up with a bit of cloth barely covering the arse cheeks! Now, you may argue that everyone deserves to be treated and looked upon with "respect and dignity" but frankly, I see little respect and dignity in the modern style of female dress - it all screams "available" in my opinion.

    Example: on holiday in the West Country last year; the caravan next to ours had a family of five, including two girls aged 14 ish and 10ish. The ten year old was regularily in the club house in leggings and top which read "This Tee-Shirt would look better on your bedroom floor"! while elder sister was quite obviously wearing an outrageously short skirt, low top and g-string, with no idea how to sit with the slightest degree of modesty! Respectful, dignified and appropriate?!

    I suggest while young females are allowed by thier parents to dress in such a manner they will always be considered to be "easy meat" in the eyes of other cultures! Probably why I have never seen asian/arab/muslim girls dressed in such unmodest states around my part of Brmingham!
  7. Of course I could be wrong.
  8. I listened to Keith Vaz putting much space between himself and Straw on the radio, apparently there were black girls involved as well, so another triumph for multi-culturalism, 'We are equal oppurtunity rapists.'

    He then waffled on about young men full of testosterone and hormones, I reckon that by 26/7 years old that should not be a factor.

    Finally the judgement that the several attacks were not racially motivated, can you imagine that being said if the victims were Asian and the attackers white? No didn't think so.

    The only valid point he came up with was that Straw has been the sitting MP for decades, as well as Home Secretary, so why has it taken all this time for the question to be raised?

  9. Are you for ****ing real?
    **** off back to the stone age and have a word with yourself. Its the fault of the girls for dressing inappropriatley?

    In what world is a 12 year old school girl fair game because of what she is wearing?
  10. Won`t be long before this is binned. As I said earlier today on another, similar thread, for some people the truth is to be denied and censored at all times.
  11. The answer to that is to just keep starting fresh threads!

    Its the British way you know? If its distateful or diffcult todealwth we don't talk about it.
  12. I've always thought of Straw as one of the few good eggs in the labour party, but I now have a huge amount of respect for him for having the courage to speak his mind on the issue. If we've got any sense of moral justice as a country the media shitestorm will die down: it would be absolutely tragic for political correctness to win this one which he has categorically stated is not about race.

    **** off! There's no way you can get anywhere close to justifying 'she deserved it; she was dressed like a slut' any more than 'he deserved to be stabbed; he got involved in an argument'

    I think he actually had a point. He said that the perpetrators were racist - they thought that white girls were 'easier' - but that they went for what they saw as the easy prey rather than picking on them for their skin colour. There was a police officer on the radio this morning who said, very insightfull, that even when we see a racial aspect to a case we must be very careful not to overestimate its importance. In this case, it was simply 'I want to rape someone, white girls are of lower morals (racism), so I'll rape white girls' (racism is involved, but it's not a racially motivated crime) rather than 'I hate white people, I want to attack them, I'll rape white girls to get at them' (a racially motivated crime)

    It's not their line of work; that sort of thing is beyond their ability and remit because it involves organised crime. It would be a little like asking a first aider to do the work of a paramedic - their jobs are very related, but the first aider isn't equipped or suited to doing some aspects of the paramedic's job. It's only the police who can deal with organised crime; charities haven't got the muscle to sort it out. How would they find out about it, and then how would they solve it?
  13. One of the most distressing elements in all this, is the inaction of the NSPCC.

    I personally had dialogue with a Ms Sue Woolmore of the NSPCC back in 2005, and she said that the NSPCC were not interested in such cases of gang rape, and would not be investigating them. She, and the rest of the team in the Yorkshire NSPCC consigned thousands of girls to the trauma of gang rape.

    Meanwhile, the NSPCC ran a series of adverts that insinuated that any husband was a potential child molester or child beater, in order to line their pockets with gold. I think the entire NSPCC hierarchy should be taken to court for their deliberate inaction, and the entire charity disbanded - it is obviously not interested in child welfare.

  14. clearly asking for it i hope you made them say thank you after violating them

    FFS thats shit parenting yes, but this is about the criminal grooming and sexual assualt/rape & gang rape of young girls, and yes as said it most likely does happen to asian girls (again very very wrong) but the question that needs to be asked is why does it seem to be white girls being targeted
  15. Will of Allah
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