Conspicuous Gallantry Cross awarded

From the BBC:

An army sergeant who exposed himself to enemy fire on three separate occasions during operations in Iraq has been awarded a Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.

Colour Sgt James Harkess, originally from Mansfield, Notts, did a seven-month tour in Iraq in 2006.


He was said to have displayed "exceptional bravery" during three separate actions over the course of two months last year.

As a Warrior armoured vehicle platoon sergeant, he held a position at Al Amarah during six hours of heavy gunfire which was described by the Ministry of Defence at the time as "the largest and most intense action in Iraq since 2004".

"I quickly found myself in a 360-degree battle," Colour Sgt Harkess said.

"Going through my mind was simply carrying out the job... but it was totally fatiguing."

On another occasion he and his platoon managed to overcome an ambush against them as they tried to protect a re-supply convoy near the town of Al Maymunah.
Congratulations, CSgt Harkess!
Good work CSgt.

Well done.


Good Work Fella.



I bet the WOs' and Sgts' Mess photos in the PWRR are going to look like the old photos you see from the 50s with the amount of decorations they're wearing.

Good to see a decoration earned during the reign of Liarbour and not purchased.

An 88 year old neighbour, formerly of 2nd Bn The East Surrey Regiment (31st & 70th), is so chuffed with this news, and of course with Private Beharry VC, you would think he had won the medals personally. Regimental Pride - Never Dies. (Political poltroons take note).

Sincerest congratulations and huge respect to the recipient.
Congratulations & best wishes


War Hero
Richly deserved. Many congrats to both you and the Regt.
Well done once more, the Armoured Tigers. Line infantry continue to demonstrate their prowess.


War Hero
Well deserved.

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