Consolidated course vs six weekends

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by clio58, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,

    I've recently passed the RSW and have been given the option of either the consolidated TSC(a) or the 6 weekends. In short, just wondered if anyone have a opinion of which course they found benefits more.
  2. Speaking as a TA recruiter rather than a recruit, I'd go for the consolidated course if you can, as it will get you into your chosen regiment quicker. There's also less time for skill fade (or loss of enthusiasm) to slow your progress through the weekend system.
  3. My main worry with the consolidated course was that there would be a massive amount to learn in a short space of time, and as I have not come from a previous military background I wondered if I would find it more difficult to adjust. However, as you've already mentioned the process to this point has been so long, it's been a bit taxing to keep the enthusiasm if it was delayed further with no extra gain.
    Thanks for your Opinion Turret_Monster
  4. Do it in a oner. You will be further up the list for the next round and therefore trade courses etc.
  5. I'd personally get it out of the way as quick as possible...unless you are really unfit and need the space in-between weekends to sharpen up. If you put the effort in you can learn it...many people do it this way so you shouldn't be worried about that. If you are fit enough do it.
  6. I don't think fitness will be a problem as it wasn't for the RSW. Just don't want to rock up and be totally overwhelmed by it all as I can imagine the DS may well be a little more assertive then at the RSW.
    Appreciate your opinion theblindking & J20gU3
    Besides the TSC(a) layout on Arrsepedia, has anyone got any tips for the course, recommeneded reading etc..
  7. If you are a complete military novice (there is nothing wrong with that) it's worth learning badges of rank and basic miilitary ettiquette, this will be taught to you but it will be one less thing to worry about. I was advised to buy the Soldiers pocket book and a few scans of this meant the navigation etc was not a complete surprise.

    If I had the option of the consolidated course and could have taken time off work, I would have done it. That said, the 6 weekends allowed time for lessons to sink in and a bit of 'breathing space'.

    Basically keep your head down, work hard and put the effort in and you will be fine. If it is anything like my phase 1 there will be a few absolute cretins in the cadre, they should be easy to spot and will keep you entertained. Make sure you are not one!
  8. Consolidated is the way to go. I believe you are taught by regs (PSIs usually) instead of TA instructors.
  9. just crack on mate. If your phys is up to scratch you've got nothing to worry about. Get onto your PSI and find out when the next available part B is so as soon as you've finished you can get booked on it (work permitting).
  10. Consolidated course. Defo.
  11. Cheers everyone, appreciate it! Advice will be taken.
  12. Have you spent time as DS lately?

    Hmmm... if you can get a course DS'd by the Regs - usually from an ITC then yes. If the course will be manned by TA bods it may well be that they are not the Instructors that do the weekends and so they may not be as sharp at instructing.
  13. or the minor things like EASPs RASPs NFCIs etc

    Or CRB'd with a DTTT qual.....