Console Wars!

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by FrosteeMARIA, Jun 18, 2013.

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  1. FrosteeMARIA

    FrosteeMARIA LE Gallery Guru

    What will the ARRSE gamers console of choice be by the end of 2013? Or maybe you'll ditch them and go back to PC gaming? Have you already pre-ordered, or will you wait?

    Here's a couple of recent reviews.

    Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4: Next-gen showdown | T3

    Xbox One vs. PlayStation 4 - Reviews of the Pros and Cons

    Console exclusivity for game titles is not looking to be a big issue; this seems to have faded as an argument over the last few years anyway. PS4 will be cheaper, and can play used game titles. So far so good. Microsoft have said if you don't have an internet connection then just go buy a 360. Pretty much a two-fingers up to the loyal xbox community!

    The tech specs aren't exactly worlds apart, and neither console will be backwards compatible for older titles but it's all the other bits and bobs that Microsoft don't seem to be doing to well at, and judging by the latest news, are losing a great deal of ground on this! Do they care? Probably not.
  2. MS have locked themselves into a bit of a corner with the Xbone needing to check in online every 24 hrs otherwise your games don't work. Let's be honest that's a bit of a twat move as I'm sure many of us have had the interweb down for many days for some reason or another.
    Their move to restrict resale of games also is a bit of a noddy move but I can see that this has been largely dictated to them by the games publishers.
    It was perfect timing for Sony to come along after these gaffs and clean up. Don Mattrick of MS is even filmed saying that if players want to play games offline then they already have the xbox 360... Well done on bigging up their product.
    I'm not sure how MS are going to reclaim the future market, I suppose all they can do is u-turn.
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  3. If this was the case then surely PS4 would also have the same requirements on game trading, no?
  4. On a level playing field I'd say yes, you're right but perhaps Sony have more clout in the game business than MS (thinking worldwide) and can ignore the publishers a bit more. Idle speculation on my part.

  5. Struggling to make a choice, my 360 went critical and died (13 days out of warranty.....), my PS3 is currently spot-on so don't really want to make that choice. As I work as an ex-pat in Afghanistan, the internet connection is dogshit - I can't see me buying an XBox one anytime soon, especially as we've just been given a hell of a contract extension.

    The game I'm most looking forward to this year is Rome: Total War 2 and I want to see if my i5 laptop will run it well, otherwise my hard-earned shekels will be going on a new laptop.
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  6. I'm sticking with the 360. Mainly as I've just spent 200 notes on a new one.

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  7. I'm technically illiterate so I don't have a clue [That is to say technology baffles me, not that i kant rite]
  8. I'm also waiting for Rome 2 to come out then ill be checking the spec and buying a desktop to match. I think I may well go for the ps4 just because ms are being ***** and I still miss killzone

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  9. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    MS pretty much have to u turn on what theyre saying if they want to shift any of the new machine.
    however, after the teething troubles technically and the tricks sony have pulled the last few years, it'll be next year at the earliest if and when I put my money down.
    (plus which, I've got games here from when I bought my 360 in 2007 that I still havent played yet.)
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  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    cant see it. say 'playstation' or 'xbox' to the average gamer they know what you're on about immediately. say 'steam' and outside of the pc gaming fraternity (which is a minority next to console users) very few people will know what you're on about.
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  11. before this talk of internet connection I would have gone with the Xbox without a doubt. but this trick really annoys me - and it's the same reason I didn't get SIM city because of the stupid internet requirement. think this is a big own goal by Microsoft

    like others have said, I'll wait 6 months after release before I probably get the ps4

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  12. Cloud gaming is going to be the way forward. All graphics are run from a central system and all you need is a decent broadband connection. I was one of the first to use Onlive in the UK and it was fast and FPS was lag massive downloads, voice comms and you can watch your mates play and still chat.
    Will get the PS4 and the steam console for MMO's and my back catalogue of games ive got on there. The steam console is most likely going to kill pc gaming as the price of components for high end stuff is eye watering. My days of spending a couple of grand on gaming systems is gone there is just no need to now.

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  13. If the Steam Box is being produced by Valve I imagine we will be waiting a few years for it to actually hit shelves.