Consigned to the New Labour dustbin of political History


As told by saint tony and his hordes of followers.
NI that is.
Now that the dust is starting to settle on a very long campaign perhaps its time we saw some of the inspiring moments published.
I'm looking for the Int Briefing film intros prior to foot patrols in 83. You (especially if of a certain age) may recall the int briefings on whos who locally. They were videos but usually had a great riot scene from news footage with a cracking background tune as an intro.
The one that really sticks in my mind was a Hunger strike riot somewhere but the music was "To cut a long story short" By Spandau Ballet.
Very early use of such techniques I was told but I always looked out for that particular intro as it stirred the blood enough to keep me awake.
Yes I am getting on but it was the formative years of my life and I am surprisingly sober.
Any ideas if the slime still have these, I'm only after the intros as they were great!
If I wanted to see the "players" I could get a public pass to Stormont couldnt I?
"If I wanted to see the "players" I could get a public pass to Stormont couldnt I?"

How True, sickeningly True,
Seems it was better to Pay them off with Respectability and big fat gov pensions then the much cheaper squaddies solution of a round of 7.62.

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