consideringtransfer or mpgs or ?

Hi, considering transfer as wife pissed off at me never being home.

Any suggestions on where to go to avoid frequent deployment?

Avionic tech with 12yrs, so was keen to stay til 22yrs for the pension. (But it might be a good idea to keep hold of the wife and i don't think she can hack another ten years, and not sure I want to either, I'd like my kids to grow up knowing what I look like!)

Heard you can continue service years at MPGS- Anyone know if I could do ten years there and then get 22yr pension on day I leave or do I have to wait til I'm old and grey?

A guy I worked with in NI transfer to RAf and is happy. Any REME techs out there who've transfered to RAF? Any probs? what do you think?

Any other suggestions?
How about MPS at MCTC? They do do deployments but not as often as everyone else im led to believe.
Thought about MTI no deployments in them posts

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