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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by JP264, Sep 11, 2012.

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  1. Hi all,

    I recently attended an interview for the Op Linguist course at DSL Beaconsfield but got turned down. I haven't been on tour yet and don't have any language quals above GCSE level so I guess I just got massively overshadowed by those with more experience. I'm going on tour next year with the signals and am teaching myself the basics of Arabic and Farsi (coming along well) so will definately re-apply when I get back, however, I'm also interested in seeing what the Int Corps has to offer in the way of languages (with a view to possibly transferring);

    Does everyone train as an analyst, and then some go on to train in languages? Or are they two seperate trades?
    Do Int linguists do the same long language courses as Op Linguists?
    Does Int linguist have a career structure in it's own right, or is it just a supplement to the Analyst trade? (Might be getting job titles completely wrong, bear with me...)
    Would getting posted to 14 Sigs to get a bit of an insight be a good idea?
    Do Int linguists work more in SIGINT or HUMINT, or both in equal measure?
    Do Op linguists do the job differently from those in the Int corps (apart from only doing languages for two years)? Do the two routes use their skills in different ways?
    Do Int corps linguists get the same pay bonuses as Op linguists (money as always)?

    Bit of a question barrage I know, but any advice from the SMEs would be much appreciated. I'm really enjoying learning languages in my spare time and would love to do it professionally.
  2. Check the DII, search for Int Corps transfer or linguist, it will tell you everything.
  3. You'll never know until you try. Go for it, lots of R Signals guys have now transfered to the Int Corps; sick of dealing with dead end jobs. Whilst I'm not any expert on the matter I have found the Int Corps more productive in pushing guys in to jobs that will show them and Int Corps in a good light and the end state is a big thumbs up for everyone.
  4. That's a terrible idea. You should be shunted around in to jobs you have little interest/aptitude in, and spend two years figuring out before... posting to a totally different job. Regardless of what your PPP states or requests.

    Keeps the chaps on their toes.
  5. You failed to point out the joys of disadvantaging yourself financially by not allowing your partner to generate a career because of the constant relocation.
  6. I'm sure in the next round of defence cuts, the RS and I Corp will merge to become the Signals and Intelligence Corps. Including in this new corp will be the telecoms and IT part of REME, the mechanical going back to the RE's.
  7. Why on earth would the defunct Royal Scots and the fictional I Corps (do we even have a Corps formation now (apart from ARRC)) merge?

    And it doesn't make any sense to merge the two.
  8. Because there's so much commonality between R Sigs/REME and HUMINT, IMINT and CI? Yeah. Right.
  9. Send 'em back to the Monkeys. Will make it easier to 'Joint' the RIMP with the RAF Police in glorious Purple on Mar 31st, 2018
  10. In correction to my earlier post: Don't be a ******* mong! You should know that sweeping garages, putting name tags on everything AND saying " don't do comms, bombs and bullets me uh", is what the future army is looking for. The R Signals seizes all opportunities to move with the times and moulds, nay slicks in to new trends.

    You are an absolutely mental if you think Biometrics, Exploitation or languages have anything to do with the future force, don't do it, the world will always needs cleaners.
  11. Not really OT .... has anybody ever transferred to R Sigs from Int Corps? Never encountered one in my time.
  12. I know of one 'not quite'. Int Corps Phase 1, washed out during Phase 2, TRA to Tech. Wore a 'snot hat' until he'd completed (and passed) his phase 2 with the Royal Signals.

    Gen Jackson went Int to Para.

    I think because the two are quite interconnected, the term 'better the devil you know' (in this case) proves false.
  13. Of course for those of us who remember Mr Rigsby, the late Pte Leonard Rossiter transferred from the Corps to the Army Educational Corps (before it became Royal) and was promoted to Sgt. Apparently he was terrible at spelling and that wasn't good enough for us!
  14. Thanks very much guys, great help all round :)