considering transfering to the infantry

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by milkybarkid31, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. hi,
    I am hoping someone can help me, if i was to transfer to the infantry, being a 6yr lance jack would i have to do all the training up at Catterick or would i skip the first few weeks.
    any help or opinions would be welcome ?
  2. From what? Unlikely that you would have to go back and do CIC. Assuming you are a regular, you would have completed phase 1, so you would probably end up in a rifle company and have to play catch up on the various TTP's and weapon systems etc. If you come with a particular skill you may end up in one of the specialist platoons.
  3. thats good to know, im in the REME and i need to change because the spineless chiefs just s**t all over the blokes !
  4. I can see no problems, however you will lose your rank as is SOP. Have you thought which cap badge you would want to go to and are you set on the fact that it has to be infantry?
  5. i agree, more than probable the rank would go, but in my lot i would put money on you being pushed onto an NCO cadre ASAP, especially considering your experiance/years done. do OK and you would get it back again pretty soon, or straight away if in the top three.

    ever thought AI, walk it with REME experience.
  6. Just out of interest what trade and unit are you? If you don't want to name them unit type will do. Also whats your grievance and who do you mean by chief, Tiffy, PC OC CO?
  7. well thanks for the support so far, its been helpful ! just gotta wait to get back off tour and speak to the chain of command. i was thinking of joining the Paras, the reason for this is i have already passed P company and just feel it is more my thing, out on the ground than cramped up in the back of an WR.
    No doubt the grief will start lol
  8. check your PM