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Discussion in 'OTC' started by Gremlin0790, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. I was talking to a 3rd year in my OTC after our Remembrance day parade (I'm a 1st year cadet) and we got onto a topic which I think is the TASO scheme. He said there was a 7 week summer course and then a 3 week Sandhurst commissioning course during the summer that OTC cadets can take - is that TASO? Sorry I can't quite remember all the details, but that was the joist of it. He said that either MTQ1 or MTQ2 qualified cadets could do it.

    I'm very interested in possibly commissioning into the Intelligence Corps (I'm majoring in Arabic and Politics at uni) and I definitely want to look into this option. With my degree, a government job is probably what I'd end up doing anyway. I'm going to ask my platoon commander and such about it, but I thought there wasn't any harm in getting some info here as well. Can you do it after MTQ1? Evenif I could, would it be advisable to wait until I pass MTQ2 to do it?

    -Cheers, Gremlin
  2. The three week commissioning course is just that; TACC - not exclusive to TASOs.

    I also believe that the Int Corps don't do TASO for obvious reasons ;)
  3. He's talking about the TA Commissioning Course as a whole - which is not, as some believe, simply the course as Sandhurst, but rather Mod 1-5 of which RMAS is Mod 4.

    But that's besides the point. It would help to know which OTC you're at, as different Units do MTQ in different ways. I suspect you're at ULOTC, in which case you'll spend slightly more time on MTQ 1/2.
    Subject to a successful pass at MTQ2 (and AOSB), you can request to be loaded onto the Mod 3 summer course (the alternative is a structured weekend course) with a view to doing Mod 4 (RMAS) as soon as possible after that.

    This is way that an OTC can receive 2Lts in their third year at Uni, and who can transfer to Gp A upon graduating.

    Point to add: you can, I think, fast-track MTQ2 but my understanding is that this has to be supported by numerous people up the CoC.

    TASO, by the way, is the TA Sponsored Officer scheme, where you can wear your sponsoring unit's capbadge, stable belt, etc. but train with the OTC and then serve with them once commissioned.
  4. Right, you're not who I thought you were then. :)
    My advice, although others may disagree, is to wait until you've done MTQ2.
  5. Your info is indeed about the whole of the TA commisioning course which consists of five modules.

    In OTC terms, Module 1 is MTQ1, Module 2 is MTQ2.

    Module 3 is now common to normal TA units and OTCs. It is often incorrectly referred to as MTQ 3 in OTCs, but this is now wrong, it is Module 3.

    Module 4 is the 3 week TA Commisioning Course at RMAS.

    Module 5 is a couple of weekends post commisioning.

    HQ 51 Bde ran a fast track MTQ2 and Mod 3 course together in Aberdeen this year. This ran straight on into the 3 week September TACC. I suspect that is what you have heard of.

    To go on the course you had to have completed Mod 1 / MTQ 1 (ie be a trained recruit) and passed AOSB.

    If you are keen to go the TA commisioned route then,

    Do MTQ1 in your OTC.

    Do MTQ2 in your OTC in the normal way

    Get yourself on one of the Mod 3 courses. Many OTCs run their own, but you can ask to get loaded on one run by another OTC or a TA District Training Centre. Your Trg Maj will be able to get the dates for you.

    You have to pass AOSB TA and then go on to complete the TACC at Sandhurst.

    If you are doing a four year Scottish degree (as I presume you are in Edinburgh OTC) then you have plenty of time to fit all this in so no need to rush things and do the fast track option.

    If you have left things until second or third year before joining the OTC then the fast track is a option worth looking at.

    TASO runs separately to the above. It is a way of you getting affiliated to a local TA unit, ideally from a cap badge which you would like to join when you are hopefully commisioned. You can train with them when you are not doing OTC training and if they agree wear their cap badge.

    In some cases you can transfer to them in your third or fourth year at University, especialy if you have been commisioned by then.

    You can ask to be a TASO at any time , but generally units prefer to take post MTQ1 people who have passed AOSB. Your unit should have a list of local TA units who take TASOs, although in theory all units do (maybe not the Int Corps) but how well they look after you tends to vary.

    PM me if you want more info
  6. Can you actually do all the modules over seven consecutive weeks (and then onto TACC) ?
  7. Why not discuss it with one of the staff at your unit?? they will be able to give you details and suggest what might be best for you.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    And also with the TA unit whose capbadge you aspire to wear.

  9. Gremlin, why don't you talk to your platoon commander about Summer Leader? You'll finish MTQ1 by about March I think, then you can do mod 2 and 3 at Summer Leader through the summer. Ask your JUO's about it.
  11. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Quick one about "Summer Leader".

    It is a very, very good course - for taking OTC students and getting them very fit, very squared away with admin and very able to take "on the bus off the bus" fcuk arounds.

    Lots of people jacked it because there was too much bullshit; talking to mates who were at the commissioning course we go to see pass out, Sandhurst wasn't quite as bad as Aberdeen!

    It's like anything really, it's only as hard as you make it. But whilst I'm proud to have done it - and passed - I would seriously advise anyone to think seriously about it. If you do that, and then TACC, factoring in a 2 week OTC camp - then you're looking easily of about 11 weeks (with a few days fudge factor) out of a summer. I'm pretty keen, but after my 9 weeks I was feeling it.

    If you have any questions about Summer Leader, feel free to PM me.
  12. Get stuck in about it, dont feck around with becoming a JUO... get your commission. Job Done!

    Some good advice around here. Speak to your JUO's...

    above all, dont piss about...get your commission!