Considering signing up - Plenty of questions

Afternoon all, I after some advice!

I have been considering signing up for a while now...

I am 27 - I know I am not too old as far as the requirements are concerned, but am I realistically?

I'm not really sure what I want to do, I would like to get something that could be used in the real world and one thing that looked interesting was dog handler - Are there 00's applying for this type of position?

I am pretty fit as I am in training for a triathlon, is there any where on the web (I didn't see anything on the site) that can tell me exactly how fit I should be?

I wasn't looking to sign up until after the summer as my triathlon is in July and I need to be prepared for this, should I be filling in my application now?

I hear the food is rubbish and its all cooked breakfast and the like but I eat a sports diet, will the Army be accommodating to this?

I don't have terribly good exam results, but I am intelligent with good judgment and common sense, is there anything I can be doing to prepare myself?

I also do a bit of freelance photography but the only jobs I could see relating to this was in the T/A, am I just looking in the wrong place?

With my interest in sports and fitness, how would I get involved in PT with the Army?

What else should I be considering? I am sure I will have loads of other questions so will pop them in here when they come to mind!

Thanks for reading and any help in advance!!


I can't answer most of your questions, as I haven't started my career in the army yet - however, I can tell you my experience of getting in!

I too am 27, and start basic next month. I was worried about my age, until I went to ADSC for selection. There, the majority of other applicants were between 18-22, but a good 50% of them were mature, and I had no issues getting along with them. I also expected them to pi$$ all over me on fitness, but I managed to keep with them (not excell beyond them mind - although that would've been nice!!!)! So no, I don't so far think that 27 is too old to join.

The basic fitness required is the 1.5mile run, apparently the accepted time for males is below 11.5 minutes (obviously the faster, the better), as many heaves as poss, and carrying 2x20kg jerry cans over a 150m course at a set pace. There are also other upper body tests.

If I were you, I would start your application now, you can take it at your own pace - and if you don't want to start til summer, tell the ACIO that.
At least your used to training though - wouldn't expect you to struggle too much to achieve a bit of speed!

Good luck to you!
Just had a peek at my old run logs and I did a 7min mile last July before I started training, so 10mins for 1.5 shouldn't be far off!

By the way, what is a heave??
Sometimes called a chinup. Or a pull up.

Grab a bar with an underhand grip, and pull yourself up, so your chin clears the bar and back down. Always start and end on a fully extended arm, or else they don't count.

Chin-ups (because a pull-up would be the hand the other way) are in my weight training anyway. Might have to start doing some weighted ones to get the total number in one go up!
You're already well on the way!

When you go into the ACIO for your first meeting, they'll tell you all about the requirements, and give you a training programme.
When you get to basic training, you will be required to get your 1.5 mile run time down to under 10 mins 30 as well as 44 press ups in 2 mins and 50 sit ups in 2 mins. Don't panic because the PT you will get over the 14 weeks will get you up to this standard.

There is also a photographer trade within the army and the RAF, not sure about the Navy but your ACIO should be able to give you details.

Breakfast in the cookhouses are cooked but there is usually porridge and cereal and toast.
I'm 24, 25 in about 10 days. I'm looking to apply this year and hopefully get in before oct. I'm sort of in the same boat as you because I'm an athlete and looking to compete in sept for a last blow out competition.

You've answered some of the same questions I had
i was going to apply for the dog training but there is about 10 spaces for 500 applicants so unless u have any dog training experience chances are slim.
Sounds like you really need to ramp up the training, I'm 33 and have served for 16yrs, I still run 8.20min mile and a half test!! I was 7.45 when younger. Think you need to get serious mate!
blobmeister said:
Sounds like you really need to ramp up the training, I'm 33 and have served for 16yrs, I still run 8.20min mile and a half test!! I was 7.45 when younger. Think you need to get serious mate!

Was that aimed at me?

I haven't tried running a mile in 6month so I have no idea what my current speed is, but even so, a 7min mile would suggest that 10mins30secs for 1.5miles wouldn't be unreasonable...

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