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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Ardex, Jun 7, 2010.

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  1. I am considering joining the RMP as a solider, and was wondering if anyone could give me some USEFUL insight into the actual duties and deployments I should expect. Are there any specific upsides and downsides that I should be aware of? How are they deployed, obligations on operations such as Afghan etc?

    I'm somewhat torn between choosing RMP and Signals, and would like as much information as possible before diving in. Recruitment staff can be very unhelpful sometimes, unfortuantely. Usually seem to just direct you to the nearest brochure which answers practically nothing.

    Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. 30 yrs of commissioned infantry service speaking.

    In all that time, I never had a satisfactory professional experience of RMP on duty.

    If you want to soldier, join a soldiering Unit. If you want to be a policeman - join a police force.

    On the other hand, I had 2 very good years on attachment with R Signals (sadly they were the years of Duran Duran, but you can't have everything).

    Intelligent, switched on, technically competent, VERY surprisingly wide employment opportunities . . . with a few guys who thought it cool to wear carpet slippers on exercise in BAOR (I imagine that habit has gone down the Swannee since 9/11).

    If you were my son, I'd not hesitate to recommend Royal Signals over RMP.
    In fact, I'd disown him, if he chose RMP.

    The R Signals are called 'scalybacks' - NOBODY knows why.
    RMP are called 'monkeys' EVERYONE knows why.

    Go figure
  3. If you want to experience management, then join the RMP. If you want to experience soldiering avoid the Signals. The regimental system is something you will only really find in the infantry.

    Scaleybacks (not scalybacks) is due to the scabs caused by the heavy radios, and the crap harnesses that used to come with them.

    The term 'monkeys' has been around since the 19th century, and was due to the CMP (Corp of Military Police) headress that organ/piano players used to put on the accompanying monkey.
  4. Best bet and first stop is a local Armed Forces Career Office (AFCO) who will be able to explain about the careers that have vacancies at the moment. They also run assessments to establish what you are capable of joining.

    Also :


    Hope that helps :)
  5. 25 Year Warrant Oficer, Royal Military Police, answering

    Ignorant commisioned officer, did you pass Sandhurst, really!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A little brain power and Google would have given you the answer and you wouldnt have looked like a twat

    One of the nicknames for the RMP is the "Monkey Hangers". While the exact origins of the nickname (now shortened to "Monkey") are not known, one possible origin comes from the time of the Napoleonic Wars, when a merchant ship docked at Hartlepool; on board the ship was a small monkey dressed in a sailor's costume. The local people who saw the monkey were convinced that it was a French spy and demanded its demise. The local Provost Marshal hanged the monkey to avoid a riot taking place.

    Obviously you didnt have the spunk to have a son then?
  6. 3 sons as a matter of fact.

    And thank you for appearing on here to show us all the kind of WO who made the RMP everything I remember about the Corps. :D
  7. Not a problem Mister, did they all turn out like you. lol
  8. Since eveyone else has statrted like this, 6 years Infantry and 7 years RMP service replying.....

    Anyway, to the original post.

    Your main tasking will be Garrison Policing when not on Ops. Which in short is dealing with the day to day Policing jobs of the Garrison. Such as dealing with and investigating Assaults, and Thefts mainly, with the occasional Domestic and Public Order offence thrown in. You will patrol the Garrison area hopefully to prevent the above offences occuring in the first place, but we cannot be everywhere.

    You will normally work on a cycle of Policing and Training. Usually a couple of months on each. Training will consist of a mix of general Military training and Police training.

    On Ops, you will normally be deployed as at Company level, but be prepared to fill the gaps on other Companies tours. There are a number of different tasks you may get. Which maybe taskings such as, Close Support, where you will provide Police support to the Infantry patrols on the ground. You will Patrol with them and deal with any incidents that occur. You will normally be based with the Infantry in one of the FOBs and you will work from there. You could also end up training the Afgahn National Police in a mentoring role. Again, you will be mainly based with them and patrol with them, along with some infantry support. You could also end up in one of the Main Bases and conduct a Policing role from there, similar in most respects to Garrison Policing. There are many other roles and tasking we end up getting on Ops, so this is just scratching the surface. There is more information on the links previously provided and as always Google is your friend.

  9. Thank you for actually answering the question. Always nice to know some people are interested in doing so.

    A few further questions though, is there a 'best' RMP company to join for the likes of work, deployments, downtime etc or are they all pretty much equal? And I figure it would be shift-work being a policing role, so what sort of hours can you expect to pull on tour and on garrisson? And how long would you realisitcally get for downtime in the same?
  10. I have my interview to join RMP in 2 weeks, Im a trade transfer from QARANC, could anybody give me an idea of what questions they will ask?
  11. Question 1: Do you like cake? :D
  12. Question 2: Do you also like ARRSE?
  13. Im sure they are called monkeys because of the monkey in hartlepool that was hanged by military provo's, when they thought it was a french colonial spy.
  14. Quite right.See post 5 LOL
  15. I was meant to phrase that as agreeance.