Considering rejoining, not sure if i m suitable or if it will be suitable for me.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Traditionalist, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. I have been in the TA twice for a few years, both times most of the people there were in their mid to late 40’s and i got the impression it was basically a drinking club for most of them so they could escape their wives, subsequently i did not fit in that well, sure not all units are like this its just what i found where i served.

    I joined the regulars 7 years later only because my recruiter at the time said i could become aircrew in the AAC within 2 years, i went through about 6 months of BS getting to Winchester only to be told in week 4 that what i had been told was complete non sense by my training team.

    They advised me that i should either change cap badge to RAC or DAOR, i did not want to be a tank crewman and in all honesty they didn’t really seem to give a shit about the fact i had been misled if not lied to.

    They actually had the Gaul to imply i had wasted the army’s time, i was like wtf? My time has been wasted here, i guess the recruiter and the training staff thought i would get there and just accept i was going to be doing a job for 5 years that i only signed up to do for 2, that being ground crew.

    I got a bad chest infection about the same time and was feverish for probably a week due to the long hours we were working and little if no sleep we were getting, they were trying to make me feel bad about getting a sick note from the nurse.

    They even tried to throw me in a gas chamber until my section commander who wasn’t all that bad pointed out that might exacerbate my condition and leave me in hospital and put me out of training, another corporal was berating me for being ill, once again i was like wtf?

    It wasn’t just me one guy got hospitalized with pneumonia and the training staff actually joked about him dying, something that didn’t go down well with the troop at all.

    I had a letter forwarded to me by my family from my local university at the time saying i had been accepted something i had applied for before joining the army and didn’t expect to happen.

    My motivation to stay in the army was gone at the time, i had something on civilian street to do for a few years that i hoped would open more doors for me, the army wasn’t treating like i thought it should and a whole bunch of us had had enough also, a third of the troop handed in their DOAR at the same time for similar reasons.

    The final insult was being told i could not go on the battlefield tour to the Somme even though i was the only one in the troop who had a family member buried there, nor did i like seeing some kids bible get thrown across the room by a corporal because he left it outside his locker, i always thought the army respected religion.

    I have not been happy about how it all turned out for years, even when i graduated university, part of which i studied abroad in America on a full scholarship, i have even got a post graduate certificate in psychology.

    I considered becoming an officer but found out 31 is too old, i tried to get into teacher training but found out that they have lots of applicants and very few places due to the economy at the moment, so basically they only take the cream of the crop, something i am not.

    I got some work experience teaching at university and didn’t like trying to train kids who just didn’t care, didn’t listen and just wouldn’t do what they were told unless they wanted to, i also didn’t like sitting in staff rooms full of teachers who just sat there and said nothing to each other, basically no crack at all, so my only real career option in civilian street isn’t really a starter.

    Someone said to me have you ever heard of the guards division and i researched it, the ceremonial aspect of it really appeals to me as does the rich history of the guard’s regiments, something i think i would really enjoy being part of and i always wanted a military career deep down anyways.

    My concerns are that i know i would need to go through CIC, something i don’t know if i could hack and being that i have already have one DOAR on my record i am aware that its probable that i would not be allowed to do again? So i could effectively be in a potentially nightmare situation for 4 years plus the training period.

    I just don’t know if i am suitable or whether this is something that you do when you are younger and fitter, all the recruits i see in documentaries seem much younger than me and much fitter, i was 24 the last time i was in and the lads in my troop were great even though they were much younger than me, i actually miss the camaraderie that is missing in the civilian world, you are very much on your own out here.

    However i fear poor treatment by the powers that be like last time e.g. a training staff that in all honesty didn’t give a ****, which was plainly obvious to everyone of us that quit, they didn’t make you feel like you would want to entrust your life to them at all.

    People have also told me that the fact i do not drink puts me at a disadvantage, there is also the fact nowadays homosexuality seems to be acceptable behaviour in the military, it never was when i was in the TA, at least that was the impression i got, call me funny but i don’t really want to serve with them or potentially have to shower in the same showers as them/ live with them.

    Any constructive advice is welcome, not quite sure what to do, have a final bash at it and risk the negative aspects i have mentioned or just remain in limbo in Civilian Street and get what work i can that i might not be suitable either.

    [FONT=&amp]Oh here is what it says on my discharge papers say if it even matters: -

    Q.R's 1975 Para 9.391 -
    Military conduct: - EXEMPLARY[/FONT]
  2. You're not suitable.

    My army service was 'exemplary' despite me having 18 days in nick on a charge sheet that's as long as your arm.
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  3. Are you for real? I call wah.

    If this is for real, you are a dirty homophobic non-hacker of the highest order and I'm very very pleased you did not join my Regiment.
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  4. Maybe 'they' don't want to live or shower with you... ever thought that? Especially if 'they' managed to hack training long enough to get in first time around. You can't even hack being a teacher.

    You seem to think you'll breeze in and out of the Forces as you whim dictates, and that it should fit your 'mental picture' of hetrosexual men doing derring do type things... grow up. Those kids you can't teach will be stood to your left and to your right on the Drill square, watch and learn how true 'teachers' motivate and inform.

    Reading your post I was like... wtf fyi.

    How could you do so long in the TA and not know anything about hte AAC? Or that a stint in the RAC could well have improved your chances at getting to be aircrew... and that it isn't all about driving tanks.

    Are you on a information trawl for a rag, or on a wind up?

    Your avatar is distastful too.
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  5. Deadly serious yet constructive advice here old chap.

    You are a whinging ponce yet religous and all high and mighty when it comes to morailty, wetter than a fishes wet bits. The army is not for you and it never was as you are deeply intolerant yourself yet whinge when people make you do things you don't want to do. You also seem to display all the hallmarks of phsychopathic personality disorder, which is possibly exactly what the head shrinker at Aldershot put on your medical records when they came over his desk. Put in a request for them, it should be a giggle.

    I would rather have a gayer who can hack it as my battle partner during basic than you, at least gayers are a good laugh. Who ever had you as a room mate and battle partner during basic must have wished you would fall of the tarzan bridge and die.

    Why join ARRSE if you hate the army so much?

    Oh hang on I get it now...looking for an excuse to troll.
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  6. cud anybody be arsed to read this shite !! shut the thread down NOW PLEASE.
  7. Why did they get the frenchman to say you were wasting their time?
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  8. [FONT=&quot]So you have to be for homosexual rights to be in the British army nowadays whilst thinking there is nothing wrong with the desecration of holy books? Nice standards <<< (Sarcasm).[/FONT]
  9. I wouldn't join the Guards. We have gays in there now. In fact, the while army does. But they're ok, because they joined and got on with the job in hand, unlike you. The cadets has backbone than you.
  10. On a side note.

    What exactly is it like being virgin still at 31?
  11. Better than having a bum full of AIDS.
  12. FOAD

    Carry on
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  13. No, gays are welcome like anyone who can do their role to the best they can. Leave items lying around, they get thrown to teach you they'll get nicked, especially if you're religious and that item is important to your faith. I bet you wouldn't find a Muslim leaving his Koran just lying around, unless he's a fool.
  14. Yes you do.

    As homsexuals are people just like everyone else, where they chose to stick their winky is their own business.

    What will you do by the way when you finally have to admit to your own homosexuality?

    Or will you just keep bumming little boys in secret at church camp?
  15. LOL, why would i continue with training when i had been lied to? Numpty.