Considering Physiotherapy


New poster and just a quick question.

I'm seriously considering going to go do a degree as a Physiotherapist and then trying to be one of the lucky few who become Physio Officers. (I appreciate how hard this is)

Firstly i was wanting to enquire about the Bursary system. Can you get a bursary to do a Physio course? Because if you do surely the Army would have to accept you in as an officer as they would have spent money on you..however that then goes against recruiting only the best for the job.


Why haven't you gone to your local AFCO or called a medical TA regiment? They will have definitive answers.
I went on an AMS acquaint visit last week. They told the physiotherapy students that there is no longer a cadetship available. It's still available for Student nurses, med students, dental students maybe more but they were the only specialities there! Sorry, hope that helps.
Ah right thanks :)

I've strayed away from that potential career anyway in the last few weeks. Was more just a hypothetical question tbh. Thanks though :)
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