Considering joining the TA - Need some call-up info

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by nick_jinks, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. I'm considering joining the Dorchester 6th Rifles regiment of the TA. However, I have been told that it requires a commitment of 12 years, rather than the previous 3.

    I don't want to sign up till I'm nearly 30, how can they expect us to make that sort of decision?

    Therefore, I need information on the facts and figures surrounding a forced call-up, and whatever else I have to do during the contact.

    Can I buy out of the 12 year contact, what are the odds of being called up? What can I do to limit the risk?

  2. The 12 year contract means very little, you can leave when you want.

    Call ups are voluntary, but expect a lot of peer pressure to do so in the infantry
  3. You may be on a 12 year contract but that really doesn’t count for much.
    You can leave any time without having to give notice unless you’ve been warned for mobilisation.
    Recruit training can take quite a while, you wont be ready to mobilise for at least 2yrs.
  4. What can I do to limit the risk?

    Dont join then, risk limited :x or do you just want to swank around in the kit having no intention of walking the walk , dont bother
  5. The information I have been given says you can leave anytime, but be forced into serving within the remainder of the contact.

    I did read an news story that stated that they do force people to serve because of the low numbers of volunteers.

    As for 2 years before mobilization, I don't believe that they would keep to such a deadline....2 Days training, then deployment into a war zone.

    I don't want to fight, but I do want to get paid for all the lovely courses and practical training they offer
  6. this is either a WAH...journo fishing for a 'outrage wagon platform one story' or frighteningly someone who doesn't quite get what the forces is about...
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The 12 year contract has been brought in for one reason only - administrative convenience - and by that I mean the convenience of JPA. It's appparently just too much effort to get Soldiers to sign on every three years, despite the fact that this has been the case for many, many years.

    Oh well, on the plus side, for you, is that the terms of the contract can't be changed during that 12 years so easily - and this can be to your advantage. For example, when RFA96 came in, all Soldiers were serving on the new terms within 3 years - but Officers were not, and had to choose to accept the new terms - and many did not!
  8. What do you mean?

    OldSnowy, I can understand you point, but I'm still very uncertain about signing up to anything for 12 years, let alone something that could get me killed on a political whim.
  9. From 2003 to 2005, there was compolusory mobilisation for Op Telic (Iraq), there was also a ban on leaving the TA during 2003. It is now voluntary moblisation. For Iraq, Afgan, Kosovo etc. If you are joining the Infantry then there may well be 'pressure' for you to do a tour. At the end of the day its now part of the job. You can expect to do a tour a some point. As in the previous post it will take you upto 2 years to do your recruit training to be classed as a trained soldier. If you are thinking of joining and are not up for doing a tour, then you may want to re-think on your reasons for joining. If its a case where you ae full time student then you will not be available for mobilisation until you have finished your colledge/uni course.

  10. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    You can indeed leave at any time - provided that a call-out notice is not in force, that is. Turnover of the TA is around 30% per year, always has been, probably always will be, so plenty of people come and go quite happily!

    Call-out notices have been continually in force for at least the last 5 years, by the way......
  11. I was planning on joining during my gap year, and taking all the training and free learning i could. Under the 3 year contact, I could then use my Uni Degree as a shield against a forced call up.

    As far as I can see from this thread. I would have to be joined for 2 years in a row before being considered for forced call up.

    Therefore, if I only join for a year, then quit and don't re-join, I still need loads of training before being deployed, and that reduces my chance of being forced?
  12. onSludge is right. It just ain't for you, is it? Give it up now and don't bother.
  13. its a wind up
    I don't want to fight, but I do want to get paid for all the lovely courses and practical training they offer

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  14. my bold* seriously if your that concerned about mobilization over what you can get from the system perhaps serving isn't for you!

    and i refer of course to my previous post...on this subject when i think perhaps 'jinks' is studying at UCL :roll:

  15. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    The 12 year contract was brought in so as to avoid having to habitually re-enlist people. As Goku stated above, it does not prevent you from leaving whenever you want unless you've been warned off for mobilisation.

    "Forced call-up" or 'Compulsory Mobilisation', was used at the beginning of the Iraq War and its immediate aftermath. Today there is a policy of 'Intelligent Mobilisation' where essentially you have to volunteer to get called up. That's not to say that there won't be another Compulsory Mobilisation should there be sudden need for manpower.

    Mobilisation is something you should consider very seriously before joining up as it is very much a part of the TA Infantry today and an integral part of the culture of an infantry unit. That's not saying that you'll be forced to go on tour by peer pressure, Territorial Battalions are leaned on fairly heavily by their Regular counterparts for augmentees to operational deployments so you might want to ask yourself if the infantry is for you.

    As an easier alternative, there's a cavalry unit nearby in Bovington, or of course you could join as a chef or clerk if there are any vacancies. However, if you do fancy the challenge, there is no better regiment to join than the Rifles! We're a great family to be a part of with a proud (and recent) fighting record. It's possible to complete your entire infantry training within 6 months if you pull out all the stops and then the world will be your oyster!

    Good luck!