considering joining the MPGS

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by ex-matelot, Dec 21, 2005.

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  1. Evening, I was just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with the MPGS? Ive been a civvy for 7 years now and im considering joining. Any advice would be grateful
  2. hi mate,
    did a course a while ago and some mpgs lads were on it, as far as i understand you re-enlist back into the regulars on a home based type engagement, you get loads of time off aswell(around shifts obviously, you are entitled to quarters or live in the block.
    downside is constantly stagging on. good money though and promotion aswell, check out the following link and good luck
    hope this helps
  3. cheers for that oppo, it may be a bit sh1t stagging on but im threaders with bein a civvy so i rekon im gonna give it a go
  4. no worries mate.glad to be of help, the lads i spoke too reckoned it was the best thing since sliced of the lads had given up a well paid job to go in,said he didn't regret it one bit,best move he ever made.
    i think from memory yo do 4 on 4 off so you only work 16 days a month RESULT.
    stagging on is not that bad, better than civ div i say.
    crack on mate and enjoy

  5. Hit the Forum Search Button and type in MPGS and you will find numerous threads on the MPGS.

    :?: Is the pay and conditions in the MPGS better than the MOD Police?

    Why have the MPGS when the MOD Police already has the responsibility for the protective security of defence assets?
  6. Are you lot having a laugh? MPGS pay is utter crap! MoD Police have an entirely different remit, for one, they're a constabulary in their own right (full police powers, more so than RMP)

    The pay is on two completely different scales, MPGS - rubbish, MoD Plod not bad starting pay with good incriments.
  7. hey thanks for your input, there is a reason for being interested in the mpgs. I got done for GBH 6 months after i left the mob so the MOD plod wouldnt touch me, and i wanted to be a serviceman again, not a civvy so everything lead me towards the mpgs. my conviction wont have any bearing on applying to the army, however, being a civil constabulary in its own right the mod police basically told me to get fcuked being an ex crim and all that! anyway, i thank anyone for their opinion, thats why i asked on this forum, most bods tend to be serving or ex pongos so you lot seem to know what your on about. cheers.
  8. Ex - check your PMs.

    Sluggy x