considering joining infantry

Hi, i am in need of some advice.

I am 23 ( civvy ) and looking at joining the army, infantry to be exact but am unsure on some things.

I am getting married in the near future ( pre joining ) and have read information about taking my spouse to wherever i am posted but dont understand how it exactly works in regards to actual accomodation ( read on here that mq are being sold off ? ) , also my partner is concerned that in the future if i am posted abroad and she goes with me that she will be on her own most of the time during the day as she may not be able to speak the native language and hence not gain employment ( i assume other wives are on the base in mq or around the place in rented accoms ) but is there anything especially set up for them to socialise, like some form of club or something so she can have some interests during the daytime ?

Also i dont know if this is the right place to ask but i am declaring bankruptcy soon and can/will this affect my application to join.

I aint expecting a holiday camp :D but am unsure of how things will work and any advice would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance


If seroius, send me a pm and I will get back asp. If taking the piss, feel free not to.

But, in short:

Joining Inf = getting yourself a new family, including one for your future missus. Plenty for her to do when you are away bayoneting HM's enemies.

If married and accompanied, you are entitled to a quarter.

As for bankruptcy, unsure.

Hey there i turned email notification off when there were no replies so sorry for the delay in replying but i spoke to the recruitment officers via the website.

Simply put they explained everything to me that i needed to know but alas due to my impending bankruptcy its a bar to service so i cannot apply and even if i could not declare bankruptcy and come to some arrangements with my creditors with the wages i would recieve during training and after training ( plus the fact i would be supporting my missus if she was unable to get employment ) it would be unfair to my partner and myself if i was paying out 3/4 of my wages to my creditors, leaving nothing at home.

That being said its a maximum of 12 months ( could be shorter but not counting on it ) as of end of next month so it gives me plenty of time to get myself in shape and ready to apply.

Thanks for the reply matey and i hope that clears things up a bit for anyone else that happens by this post in a similar situation ( if thats possible :D )
If you want a military career and you are worried about family problems you can always try the TA to sample army life (even though its not the same as the regs).

I don't think money problems are a bar of entry into the TA!

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