Considering joining but have a few questions...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by SS_85, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Hey I am currently studying in my second year at university, I was previously a member of the Air Training Corps and took part in the majority of the exercises which were army related and absolutly loved them, one of those people that gets a rush out of being out in a field / woods whatever in the middle of the night. Either way I have been considering joining up, from my recent research the main units which i think would suit me best would be either Infantry or Armoured.

    The problem is my main concerns are quite small however quite valid, I have looked at the activities that go on during the annual camps, they sound like good fun except for one area... half the two weeks i have got the impression is all adventure training such as canoeing, abseialing rock climbing etc which sound good but I was wandering how much of this is / isn't optional? I'm not exactly brilliant when it comes to water and canoeing / surfing or any other types of water related activities are far from being my strong point... :oops:

    Lastly just curious what unit would you guys recommend?

    Thanks for your time would be great to hear back
  2. Usually half the two weeks isn't adventure training there might be a day or two per fortnight (sometimes!!!) in my unit adventure training tends to be done on one or two seperate weekends per year. As for waterbased stuff theres (at least) four guy's in my current unit who can't swim, all activities on the water are supervised with safety boats, life jackets and so on and so forth.

    As for what unit to pick i'd recommend looking round all the units in your area even if at first glance they don't appeal. what area are you in????
  3. I was RGJ for a bit untill i joined the regs and i can recommend them highly. Its a great laugh and you will learn alot. I know that probably doesnt help alot but good luck with your choice anyway.
    Oh and as for the adventure training just give it your best shot, they will respect you more for giving it a go.
  4. Sorry to disappoint you (or not as the case may be) but Annual Camp doesn't usually consist of very much Adventurous Training. You may be lucky to get one or two days programmed in. AT weekends are more likely, though the scope of the training will depend on what instructors the unit has access to. Longer courses are available, again depending on your unit, such as skiing for a week or a fortnight, but these are in ADDITION to your training requirements, are voluntary, and may involve some personal expense.

    On the other hand, the likes of abseiling and canoeing could just come under the guise of MILITARY training, depending on your unit's role.

    There's often an opportunity to try your hand at orienteering, though we tend to call it navigation and have a penchant to undertake it at night with heavy loads and weapons.
  5. Either someone is pulling your leg or your pulling ours 8O

    Annual camp is two weeks of hard work and if your really lucky you’ll get feked around too :D
    You will generally get a day off to relax and explore the local area.

    There are plenty of opportunities for adventure training in the TA, and yes it is voluntary. If you don’t fancy going for a wee dip then you don’t have too :roll:

    Don’t join the TA as a tankie, I delight in taking the piss out off one of my friends for spending his annual camp driving a white van around with “challenger 2” written on the side :lol:
  6. Thanks for getting back so fast! well I must say my enthusasm has just increased alot! Glad to hear that stuff is voluntary I don't mind giving it a shot but read in something i was sent that it was half of the annual camp! When to be honest i'd prefer to be runnning around covered in mud / dirt etc than sailing a boat!

    Goku thanks for the advise on the tanks, it did cross my mind that that kind of thing could happen!
    As for unit's to join, i currently live in Wembley, through looking on the TA site there are alot of local units, infantry is sparking an interest - Anyone be able to give me a quick run-down (despite the obvious) Also intel sounds interesting, however I havent been able to find any information on it so would be grateful for any help I can get on that one!
  7. TA tankies= drive round in land rover with telegraph pole attached and spend a lot of time in a challenger 2 simulator up at donnington apart from possibly westminister dragoons who have an nbc role. As for adventure training like everyone else says one weekend a year is the norm and possibly a weeks skiing both of which are optional.
  8. Thanks loads of the extremly fast replies guys I am totally up for joining now!
    Going to look into what units are nearby and check them out but if anyone could give me a quick bit of info on the general activities and commitment of the infantry and a synopsis of exactly what intel units do would be great - let me know your opinions

    Thanks again

    just to note i have foundthe most local unit is Combat (Infantry) B Coy London Regt
    Deansbrook Road - any information about it would be useful going to take a look within the next few weeks