Considering joining as a Weapons System Engineer

Good afternoon,

I've been scrolling through the REME forum but I haven't seen any mention of WSE's. If anyone could give me more information on this role it would be appreciated.

I'd like to know things such as (if I'm allowed);
- Initial Salary (I've heard differen't craft's salaries differ)
- Possible Postings
- UK Life Style
- Life Style Abroad
- Operational Life Style

And anything else people like myself may find useful.

Any and all help would be appreciated
Cynical and offensive comments can be kept to a minimum, please. :policecap:


Is it just me or is the Army website on this job just a copy paste of the Armourer page?

I've never heard of this mentioned before and I'm at phase 2 in the REME
You've not heard of this Firthy and you're in Phase 2? Feck me, if a guru in all things REME like you doesn't know, what help for those with less experience?!
Okay, my bad. I was on the Role Finder section of army.mod and it's 'Weapons System Engineer' instead of the 'Armourer' it is on the REME section. If you still feel like answering my above questions; feel free, I'm sure it'll still help me. I shall, however, continue to read other threads about Armourers. :)
UK lifestyle... you know you could end up outside of UK but not on tour don't you?
Aallssoo! Just another quick question...What sports do the REME do? I'm interested in playing Ice Hockey. Or is that dependent on which unit I'm based with?


You can play Ice Hockey, whether the unit you are posted to has a tem is a different matter, but I had a mate who played for a German Civy team, he picked the sport up in Canada and continued when he came to Germany.

Armourers are posted to pretty much every unit in the army, so you can expect a posting to any location that has an army presence. Work varies from pretty quiet to flat out, like most jobs. You'll have the opportunity to serve on operations and exercises around the world.

Lifestyle is what you make it, I enjoyed every posting I had, and I was posted to Tidworth once...

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