considering applying for a med discharge

hoping someone here will be able to help me out here.

in the past i had cancer and managed to beat it, i went through the obligatory time on the Y list and then back to my unit. i found out earlier last month that i now have a diffrent type which is uncurable, ontop of this thanks to regt rugby and squash and various tours and ex's and course ive had a multitude of ops on my knees both of which are buggered and i need knee replacements.

im currently waiting to see the consultants at the civi hospital to see if they can halt it or slow it down but either way it does not look good, if i was to apply for a discharge what would i be entitled to/receive? ive served 17 1/2 yrs man service so far. I'm so close to the 22yr point now its like a kick in the teeth that this crap has hit me again, right now im on a 10month career course and each day for the last 3 weeks its getting harder and harder to focus on this and to carry on.

my obvious worries at the min is trying to get a house for the wife and kids and the future for them


You don't apply for a medical discharge, the system does it for you. Sorry to hear about the return of the big C, but from experience I can tell you that orthopaedic surgeons are unlikely to consider knee replacements at your age as they typically only last 15 years.
PM me if you need advice & i'll try to help.
aye i knew about the knee replacements, problem is i dont think ill be seeing the next 15yrs the big C ive got now is uncurable.

Had a chat with the MO at my place and when i discussed the MD she said if i wanted it i could go for it, was just wondering what sort of things id be entitled to if i went down this route.

oh yeah they also miss diagnosed me for 5yrs with what i have now, the problems im looking at now is whos going to give a mortgage to someone in my position, got nothing to fall back on as since the last big C no insurance company woudl touch me.


Unfortunately I think it unlikely you would get anything from the AFCS for the big C as it would be difficult, if not impossible, to class it as an attributable illness or injury. Your knees on the other hand (no pun intended, I'm not that funny) would be an attributable injury due to the reasons you gave in your earlier post. Its worth you reading JSP 765 (AFCS) to work out what you'd likely get for the injuries, but until you know what you're Main Contributing Injury is for your Med Discharge you wouldn't be able to proceed with a claim.
Med Discharges are taking quite a while at the moment, my Med Board was in the middle of last month and my details are not yet on the system so APC will not be able to set a date of discharge. I've been told it can take 3-6 months. More time to build up your pension, earn your monthly salary and to try and get the next phase of your life sorted.
Your MO may in fact be giving you a good steer, check your pms.
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