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Discussion in 'RLC' started by luke, Jul 4, 2005.

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  1. I'm enlisting in the army, and was hoping to join the Light Dragoons as a Scimitar driver/gunner, but the ACO are pretty much insisting I should go for a trade.

    The ACO are trying to 'guide' me in to Int. but it doesn't float my boat, I don't want an office job if I'm joining the forces.

    I like the sound of Ammo Tech from the Job Brief they gave me, but I'd like to hear what guys currently serving as Ammo Techs have to say.
  2. Go for it. Interesting job (mostly), high range pay, indecently quick promotion at the moment and they let you blow things up. What more could anyone want from an army career?

    You will of course hear from people bemoaning this and that - and to be fair, neither the army nor the trade are perfect - but overall, its a worthwhile trade in a worthwhile career. In fact, there is nothing I would rather do in the army.
  3. Don't
  4. i always said that that i'd go for heli pilot if i got a bad AT posting. I'm still an AT after many years. like any job you make of it what you like. if you want a trade that will help you in civvy street go for surveyer in the RE or a Sigs tech trade. But if you want a decent laugh (and , yeah you get to blow things up) go for AT. Hell, if you don't like it, just re-trade later !!!!!!
  5. Is there really not much I can take to civvy street once I've completed my service.

    They suggested I go for AT as the RAC wouldn't give me much to use after I leave the army 8O

    Can you be more specific? :)
  6. not many civvy jobs for ammunition experts!!!!

    Tanky is even worse!!!
  7. AT will give you nothing with which to leave the army.

    It will, however, attract you with promises of god like status and promotion at the speed of light whilst getting you detested by the rest of the RLC and seeing you away for many months with the commentary of If you didn't have a sense of humour you shouldn't shouldn't have joined etc etc.

    It'll end up with you wishing you did the thing Frank did, but wondering why you have so many hats and or pagers.

    Frankly if you want a trade and higher rate pay, be a chef!
  8. as you see Luke, there's a difference of opinion within the trade!!!! unfortuatly you'll have to consider them all. keep trying on here so you get a decent spread of thought, then good luck to ya!!
  9. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Don't listen to Fatblerk.

    The Ginsters delivery was delayed and he's having a pasty crash.
  10. Fat blerk wrote "AT will give you nothing with which to leave the army."

    What a load of arrse. IMHO the skills you learn as an AT are probably the most transferable of any trade out of the Army, when you decide to leave. There are a few retired ATs using ARRSE - ask them about it not Fatblerk who clearly hasn't bothered his arrse to look outside, and is mooning around thinking that no-one loves him.... well Ok he may be right about no-one loving him, but you get my point....
  11. Of course they are Trapper,

    Why only last week I was on leave, went to the recruiting agency and asked to get a bit of moonlight money and the chap said " sorry I'm all out of bomb disposal, munition management and EL licencing, might have some 155 defuze/refuze next week but, in the mean time could you do some labouring on this site or sweep this road!"

    The skills gained from dealing with people and materiel may well be transferable and applicable else where, however, they will be gained in the Army whichever trade or arm is joined. There are many trades that will give better quals and experience for civ life than AT. I stand by that statement.

    My experience is as valid as the next man and an opinion was requested. I happen to be following a turd laden course that many before me have and Luke deserves an honest opinion. I'm glad you have enjoyed your time as an AT more than I have.
  12. If your idea of fun is being stuck in an ammunition bunker selecting a random piece of whatever ammunition they are inspecting that day then go for it. It's like an office job but colder.
  13. Why are the Army Careers office pushing you to go for a Trade. Thye wanted me to go REME or Signals but when I explained that I had my heart set on the Infantry they said fair enough. It's your life mate. If you want to join the Light Dragoons do it.
  14. Fat blerk - you are underestimating your own abilities. (yes I really did say that) Your AT training makes you capable of the following, which are all seriously wanted attributes in civvy life:
    1. You can manage projects, personnel and have a technical understanding at sufficient depth to run rings around people - not just ammo - but AT tech training enables you to have abroad understanding of most technology. This is surprisingly rare in civvy strasse and dare I say the Army
    2. You are used to standing on your hind legs in crisis situations and speaking with authority, even if it is all bluff. Most civvy managers run around waving their arms in the air - business is now willing to pay for this sort of experience and ability. An IEDD tour gives you huge credibility - trouble is the system tells you to hide your light under a bushel and come over all modest about it.
    3. The US defense industry has just caught on to the fact that all their expensive weapons systems won't defeat terrorists, and their biggest challenge is the IED. and the US doesn't have too many experts in the field An IEDD experinced AT can earn bags of money providing what you would think as basic information to engineers and technologists in the defen(s)e industry, and they regard your war stories as valuable perceptions.
    4. There is now an accepted second career for ATs with SO13, and with civvy companies offering training and the like, and with the demining crew - none of those guys who are ex ATs think that the Army gave them "stuff all" useful experience. Most of them are having a lucrative second career. If you don't think so, I suppose you will be looking for a post with the Corps of Commissonaires when you leave?
    5. You know about production lines, quality control, and process management. Most of the rest of the Army don't.
    6. You will also probably have had a tour at the Skool - so you also know about training management.

    Overall in my (humble) experience ATs can seriously undersell themselves in the big wide world -.. now why is that? probably because the sytstem encourages it.

    Big it up fatblerk, you ain't all bad, and there is indeed a light at the end of the tunnnel that you don't seem to be enjoying at the moment. (BTW you made an assumption I enjoyed my career... that ain't necessarily so, but....)
  15. Much as it is advisable to look to the future, don't base your job-choice for potentially the next 22 years on doing something that will give you a few qualifications. It would be a little daft to do a job you don't enjoy just for the sake of qualifications you may not want to use when you get out anyway!

    If you are doing just a few years, and are only joining to get a trade, then fine, join the REME, get all sorts of City and Guilds, and get a civvy job. If you are planning to make a career of it, do what you fancy. If that's driving a little tank, then fine. If it's being an AT, even better (we're desperate for people to take a pager, albeit in a few years!).

    If you choose to stay in, the army will fund a large percentage of your further education anyway, so you could easily have an OU degree by the time you leave, as well as management qualifications from various courses as your career progresses.

    Your choice at the end of the day, I'm an AT, it has its moments, as all the trades have as we're all over-stretched, but I wouldn't join as anything else if I had the choice again...